Small and quaint place, serving excellent authentic kashimiri cuisine. The best part are the smiling and knowledgeable servers, who know their cuisine in and out, a big help for clueless people like me. Tried a host of chicken & mutton stuff including tabakh maaz, goshtaba, waza kokur etc, and still in the end never felt heavy or stuffed like in mughlai food. I suppose...  thats a sign of their using authentic kashmiri flavours and recipes. With only 4 tables currently, I sincerely wish them a speedy expansion!!!   Read more >
Anand Hirvey
This is almost a hole in the wall joint, that serves outstanding Kashmiri fare. We ordered vegetarian food that was prepared with spices that had a very layered complex flavours. Perhaps because they have very varied ingredients in all of their dishes. Besides the mains, the chutneys were brilliant too. The fireen after the food was such a balanced affair that i couldn't h... elp but smile for the next 5 mins. And I almost forgot...they have a section of food items that need to be preordered Over the phone. I recommend getting here today.   Read more >
Nazia Khaki
Wazwan at Khyen Chyen is simply authentic....Tabakh maz and goshtaba  taste so yum...i no longer miss Kashmir for wazwan now. Thanks to the KC team for bringing wazwan to Gurgaon.  Nazia
NeilG !!!
The place is indeed, small, but ßliss ... Mouth watery LahabDar Kebabs ... In the dessert section the Halwa is just too good to resist ... A new setup for food hoppers ... I would say without giving it a second thought, just Hop-In ... To the management - ShukriYa complimentary HalWa ke liye !!!
Abdulahadmalik Jawaharnagar
Got to know abt this sensational place. Ordered from here for my friends and I must say khyen chyen made me proud and my friends liked it too. Keep up the show
Yuvika Tiwari
Food - 10/10 - Palak Paneer - Al - Yakhi - Rajma - All veg >> Superb is the word. Everything was so different from what I was expecting. So much flavor, so subtle, such different varied flavors. Decor - 10/10 felt as if I was not in Gurgaon, usage of Wood, perfect decor on walls. this place screams authenticity and love. I happened to meet the owner as for for the Lu... nch, Nasir Andrabi - a thorough gentleman. He loves his cuisine and explains with so much passion. This little eatery has a long long way to go and I am sure this place will turn out to be favorite for many people like me. Thank you for serving me like a queen today, especially Nasir.   Read more >
Abhishek Sharma
After Navratra, planned with few friends to go for a feast and found this place called "Khyen Chyen" from Zomato. it said they serve kashmiri food & all I had heard about it was something called as gostaba.  We landed up for lunch today and upon recommendation of the Owner, Mr. Nasir we tried something called , Trami. It was a huge place and all 4 of us where ask... ed to eat together from it. What followed was awesome. From getting our hand washed like a King to the Chef coming to our table over 12 times to serve us dishes I had never heard of. It has been the best food joint discovery for me and my friends... Highly recommended to visit this place and have the Trami. We are definetely going to be regulars at this out of the world place.   Read more >
Sourabh Panhotra
We stumbled across this place one night at a dear friends place - and were left with a memory which we will remember. The gushtava and rogan josh - lovely! Tabak Maas was not up to the same standards, but the other stuff was so good, we're willing to forget. Now as have one more reason to go to our friends place :)
Rameez Maroof
A treat to your taste buds,kashmir is not just known for its beauty, it's also known for its cuisines as well & at KC you will experience it...khyen Chyen is simply heaven for non-Vegetarians. Wish you very all the best and please add some more delicacies on your menu as I am a die hard fan of Kashmiri wazwan. Regards
Abul Kalam
This is my first review the place is very warm , neat and quiet. i get the Kashmir feel. Delicious food , the cooking is very nice seek kebab is so different tabakh maaz is awesome, another lahbdar kebab mouthwatering. Khyen chyen is like heaven food joint in gurgaon ... Great going guys. All the best look forward to soon again .
Raju Rai
Great experience !! Delicious Food !! The portion size and pricing is so unlike. Tabakh maaz and lahabdaar kebab yummy taste. Cheers to you guys...
Food - Spot on; awesome meat balls & generous portions Location - Tucked away at Cross Point, nice and calm Staff - Well trained & good suggestions Feel - As if I was in a little hut in Gulmarg, Kashmir Definetly recommended!!
Ajaz Mir KashmirWala
A must visit place, exposing Kashmiri cuisine to rest of india. A step to be appreciated. Have a meal there and you will get addicted. Yes after a meal don't forget to mention my name in your prayers for I am letting you all know this is an amazing place. Home away home.
Nameeta Garg
Went in for my second visit to the restaurant in barely over a month's time and wasn't the least bit disappointed! There's consistency in food taste & quality and the service is warm & efficient. I look forward to going back again soon!
Ajaz Ahmad Malik
Being a kashmiri I was hesitant to visit this place as all other restaurants are not worth 'but khyen chyen proved me wrong they have brought the kashmiri wazwan to life in delhi NCR ,real and awesome taste,hats off to u guys''all non kashmiries must visit to have the real taste of kashmiri food''strongly recommended''
Shahnaz Qayoom
Being a Kashmiri and also foodie the taste of wazwan came to life again...just phenomenal authentic kashmiri wazwan...Gushtaba was hit of the day...
Nuzhat Andrabi
Simply Authentic Kashmiri Wazwaan, the way food was served to us was definitely the way we eat in kashmir. Very happy to have this eatery in Delhi.
Ayesha Nallaseth
Excellent Kashmiri selection of food. The Quality of the meal and ingredients used were value for money. Great experience with Khyen chyen food ordered at home.
I am from Kashmir and I love the cuisine of Kashmir, which is totally justified in the kitchen of Khyen Chyen. I went to many places in Delhi to enjoy this amazing cuisine and trust me Khyen chyen is like taking a proper wazwan.
Being A Kashmiri You always know how difficult it is to prepare and maintain the quality and taste of wazwaan, every dish in particular has different preparation backend story and they maintain it, i have ordered for the first time and it was more than I expected..!! All the best team :)
Rohit Dhingra
Awesome food....staff....Kashmiri food can't be better then this across Delhi NCR a must visit for all vegetarian as well as non vegetarian lovers !!!
Rohit Sachdev
A perfect place for a foodie inside you. A perfect blend of Kashmiri cuisines . I have been here so many times till now and it never disappoints me. The ambience of the place is awsome and the quick service makes you even more hungry....plannin to have a party with family out there...I M LUVIN IT.
Megha Chawla
LOVED every bit of it. The food was spectacular! The host and staff friendly, and the setting quaint and private. Amongst the ever so common large-noisy-over-priced-with-ordinary-food restaurants in Gurgaon, this hole in the wall was a welcome change. Totally worth loading the calories for.
Soumya Sanyal
Had a great afternoon here at Bakr Eid. Had been hearing rave reviews about this place ever since someone in our office had ordered rista from here. The place is small (but excellent ambience) and a little tough to find even though it's right on the ground floor.  We had kahwa for starters which was utterly delicious for a light flavored tea. This was followed up by ... butter naan and rista and rogan josh as side meals. All the dishes were superbly cooked and rista in particular was out of the world. We were also given complimentary phirni in the end which was just the right amount of sweet for an Indian dessert.  Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a slice of authentic Kashmiri food in Gurgaon.   Read more >
Usman Fazil Banday
Good Restaurant will definitely be one of my new go-to dinner spots when in Delhi! This is my first review on zamato and i'm glad it is for a kashmiri restaurant outside Kashmir. I tried tamakh mazz, lahab kabab and batta followed by todays special fireen toped with dried siwayan. It was super yummy. A MUST GO PLACE! Highly recommended!!!
Imteyaz Ahemad
we heard about this place from a fried and she recommended to have rogan josh and marchvangan korma from this restaurant. We were suugested to try yakhni as well and I must say we loved it.  We have had rogan josh many times but this was very mild, subtle and sublime. Really enjoyed the flavours. We asked for Naan but the managed said to try it with rice and we went ... by his suggestion, we liked that too. Net net A must vist place for meat eaters.   Read more >
Amit Raina
I live in pune and I was visiting gurgaon for the weekend. My relative told me about this place khyen chyen which means eat and drink in kashmiri language. First of all full marks to the owner for such a great name, take you back to the valley. I never write about food but being a kashmiri I wanted to make sure all fellow kashmiris know about this place and how much effort...  the owner is putting in to make this a sucess.  Food was perfect, I loved it and it is exactly how the wazwaan should be. My best dish for this evening is Tabakh maaz, perfectly cooked. The Chef is awesome. Must visit for everyone. I got a complimentary rogan josh to try and it was delectable. Keep it up Khyen Chyen, hope you flourish. Cheers!!!   Read more >
Wasim Ahmad
Khyen Chyen has become quite popular in Kashmir and almost every one who travels to Gurgaon / Delhi makes a visit, me being on of them. I must say they live upto the hype about them. Perfectly done food and service as we do in Kashmir. I happened to meet the owner Nasir Andrabi as well and am so impressed with his commitment for service. We tried Trami, they served us almo... st 14/15 dishes and it was perfect. My favourite was lahbi kebab and tabak maaz. Haakh was good as well. Being a Kashmiri I know how hard it is to prepare wazwaan and that too good one. For that I give Khyen Chyen and Nasir 100% marks. Keep it up. One remark more, the seating needs to be bigger.   Read more >
Tuhina Sen
We were bored of typical north Indian/Chinese food available around Gurgaon and was looking for something different . And i would say khyen chyen is just the right place to try something different yet amazingly yummy . The restaurant is not very fancy but highly traditional. i loved the crockeries they used ,  offering us to wash our hands before serving us our meals...  was highly traditional and hospitable.Since we were new to kashmiri cuisine, we were guided very well into choosing exactly about right kind of food . i loved the chicken dishes and phirni we tried out there. Definitely would visit again to try out the other dishes. I picked up saffron too from there :) A must try out dining place in Gurgaon . Highly recommend to all.   Read more >
Small and quaint place, serving excellent authentic kashimiri cuisine. The best part are the smiling and knowledgeable servers, who know their cuisine in and out, a big help for clueless people like me. Tried a host of chicken & mutton stuff including tabakh maaz, goshtaba, waza kokur etc, and still in the end never felt heavy or stuffed like in mughlai food. I suppose...  thats a sign of their using authentic kashmiri flavours and recipes. With only 4 tables currently, I sincerely wish them a speedy expansion!!!   Read more >
Masood Masoodi
I was visiting gurgaon and found Khyen Chyen from Zomato, wanted to eat good kashmiri food. I'm happy with khyen chyen and the quality of the food. I had kanti, seekh kebab and marchvangan korma with rice. Ended my meal with a fireen. Khyen chyen needs a bigger place though.
Vishaakh Bhalla
So yummy!! If you really want to have the best kashmiri food, this is the place to go to. The best kashmiri food you will ever eat. EVER! It somehow can just never get any better. You will actually chew your fingers.
Roopa Bhalla
Excellent food , super service as if mom is serving her kids. Must visit if u want authentic Kashmiri food in d NCR, out of this world ambience , super aromatic herbs n spices.
Thomas Saldanha
Great food! For the first time I tasted Kashmiri cuisine and right from the starters upto post-meal khaava (tea) it was all delicious. We three of us ordered tabak maz as starters followed by chicken kaanthi and herabdaar kebab. I have eaten Kebab in the middle east and Europe but never in my life I was served Kebab cooked with a thick gravy of arom... atic spices. The staff are very courteous and I liked the way they brought luke-warm water for a hand-wash at the start. I want to come here again whenever I get an opportunity to visit Gurgaon. Basically I am from Bangalore and at present on an official trip to Gurgaon.   Read more >
Sanchit Sharma
Amazing experience of food and hospitality, food was simply a treat for the taste buds, specially the Tabakh Maaz for starters and Lahabdaar Kabab in main course then ending with saffron kehwa . A must visit restaurant to have a actual experience of authentic kashmiri food served in traditional ways and style....:-)
Shinjini Mehrotra
For some of the best, most finger licking Kashmiri places, look no further than this little gem. Excellent food, great service & good portion sizes make it great value. The Tabahk Maaz, mutton Kanti and mutton seekh tuj are quite good. However, these dishes use fatty cuts of meat, so if you're not too fond of fat, you may not find these to your taste. In the main cours... e, the goshtaba, lahaabdar kabab, mutton roghan josh and marchwagan korma are excellent. The marchwagan korma is like no dish I've ever tasted before - absolute heaven! The meatballs in the goshtaba are firm& very well minced and the curry is very delicately flavored. The lahaabdaar kababs are great - very different flavors to it. The roghan josh is excellent - succulent, tender meat that falls off the bones. From the vegetarian menu I've only tried the al-yakhni and it is excellent - cook lauki like this and I can eat it every day! Overall, this little place gets a big thumbs up.   Read more >
Arsalan Asmi
Early morning breakfast, completely a retreat to have something that a Kashmiri outside home misses the most, Kanti with NunChai, added the ambience and service, does makes a Kashur feel at home.....
Kesar Jha
Typical Royal Kashmiri Restaurant.....Being Vege we had less options...But Kashmiri Pulav was Superb n Firnee was SuperMastt....Ambiance was cool...
Excellent service and friendly waiters who are more than happy to suggest to explain the dishes on offer. The food is an authentic Kashmiri cuisine made with lots of herbs and Kashmiri masalas.we tried the 'only me' portions of the dishes. The rating goes for its soothing ambience,royal treatment,heartwarming and tummychumming dishes. A must try if you are a mutton lover l... ike me. Happy Eating😊   Read more >
Shivendra Sharma
Saw this place just by chance and decided to walk in. Delicious and authentic as far as I know and care...i had chargrilled mutton skewers called 'Tuj' which were just as I had had and loved in Kashmir and Leh during my time there. Roghan Josh was impeccable...light and perfectly cooked. My partner relished Nadru Roghan Josh both with roti and batt...we ended the meal with...  a phirni each and a cup of saffron kehwa...highly recommended!   Read more >
Aanchal Rathi
Food: Here was the first time that I had Kashmiri cuisine. The food was *wait for it* awesome! I totally loved everything. To have a taste of everything we ordered Tamatar paneer, mutton kanti, butter naan and rice. The servings were very generous. To make our experience memorable, the manager offered us Phirni(dessert made with milk and semolina).  Service: The staf... f is knowledgeable and makes recommendations to ensure the customer has a satisfying experience.  Ambience/Seating: It is a small place. But it's nice. The food is great, full of flavours, excellent presentation, a place with chic interiors and the dishes are extraordinary. Value for money: Totally.Go for: Khyen Chyen. Verdict: Paradise for non-vegetarians. Good thing: It's Kashmiri. That's it.  Bad thing: Limited variety for vegetarians. Go or pass: Go!   Read more >
Akash Munshi
Khyen Chyen means khana Pena in Kashmiri language as told to me by the owner. Located nicely at the ground floor of a cool place, I was referred by an office friend. I loved this place to bits. The way staff greets u, treats you & feeds you well. I never knew that even the hand wash can be done by the service staff - that's luxury for me. Food - I can't get it out of m... y head, mutton ribs, yakhni, fireen, kehwa , everything was awesome. This place will go places for sure. I am gonna be a regular to Khyen Chyen for sure. Cheers for making me so damn happy.   Read more >
Tabish Andrabi
Good food, nice place, traditional & homely. Loved Kanti & tabakh maaz. Enjoyed a nice meal with friends. Fireen was outstanding and full of flavours. Must visit place.
Aseem Suri
Subha Allah! Awesome food. You get absolute authentic Kashmiri atmosphere and hospitality. Must try: Tabakh Maaz, Kanti and Goshtaba. Great work Nasir. May Allah bless you.
Rajiv Dhawan
I am writing a review for the first time but I want people to know about this quiet eating joint in Gurgaon for authentic Kashmiri Food. It was a complete delight while eating at Khyen Chyen located at back of DLF Crosspoint Mall on the Ground Floor. I am very new to Kashmiri food, had it for the first time after visiting Kashmir a couple of years back. The Dishes were mou... th watering served with Kashmiri Hospitality in authentic cutlery from Kashmir. I have a fetish for the cutlery and ambiance also when eating a certain type of food and I loved it here.   Read more >
Wasim Akbar
I was visiting Delhi for winter breaks and happened to hear about this eatery called Khyen Chyen from a friend who had discovered this new joint located at Cross Point Phase 4, Gurgaon. To my surprise the please is located at the corner of the mall very peacefully. We visiting with some kids with us and it was perfect. The food we ordered was absolutely up to the mark and ... we could relate to the wazwaan we eat in Kashmir. We ordered Hungry Portions of Goshtaba, Lahabdar Kebab & Daniwal Korma (as they have the options of ONLY ME, HUNGRY & VERY HUNGRY) i must say very innovative - the food was delectable.  Our family was glad to have a meal at this eatery. Keep it up guys. You have a long way to go.   Read more >
I happened to be there few days ago. .. enjoyed the aromatic delicacies and huge variety of kashmiri food. ....very decent place to dine with your loved ones. ...great hospitality. .....want to go again and again.....
I have been to "khyen chyen" just once......my experience was awesome. ...I am a mutton lover, that too when it's freshly cooked...One can feel the freshness of mutton in the dishes..and mind it wazwan cannot taste good if the mutton is stale....and "khyen chyen " guys have really taken care of that..... ....looking forward for my next visit. ....
Dhruv Sethi
If you love mutton followed by Kashmiri food, this is the place to be. Peaceful, calm and soothing ambience, staff curtesy Etc makes it perfect.
Karan Paul
It's the most amazing place as far authentic kashmiri food is concerned and the mouth watering rishta has made my rishta with khyen chyen. No one can serve better food then you guys keep it up!!!
Anamika Bajpai Kaushik
okay... so i ordered food food from this delightful place for the 2nd time in less than a week , yesterday. i can sum this place up in a single term - 'SUBLIME!' believe me the aromas , the taste , the packing , the delivery and the call handling skills are excellent. the food is beyond orgasmic ! this place has totally won my heart. the Lahabdaar Kebab is outstanding. the...  'Zaika' of  the gravy is totally intoxicating for the buds ! the chicken tikka is juicy, fresh flavours of the subtle spices, chargrilled over coal are very predominant. one of the best tikkas that i ve put in my mouth till now ! last time i had also ordered the 'marchwangan korma' and that did not fail to impress either ....the best part is that the gravies , though pretty similar to look at are totally different in taste and both are sumptious!! the chef truly knows his spices well ! yesterday the gentleman , Mr. Kamal who took my order was an extremely polite and suggestive gentleman . i happen to mention to him that they sure are doing a great job with their food and as an embodiment of acknowledgement , he sent me a portion of the mutton seekh kebebs , complimentary.... apart from the fact that they were yumm... juicy, perfectly skewered and melt in the mouth, this gesture of his of going an extra mile has really won them a place in my heart. i want to try everything from their menu. slowly but surely ! i give them a 10/10 ! with 5 stars....good stuff guys, shine on ! love and light !! :)   Read more >
Excellent authentic Kashmiri food. We were a party of 8 and ordered the full wazwaan. All the 15 dishes in the wazwaan were very good. Full of flavor, but not too spicy or hot. The portions were quite good and even though the menu says it serves 4, it was enough for all of us. The host explained the concept of the wazwaan and how it is meant to be eaten as shared portions....  Friendly staff and service. Will visit again.   Read more >
Sweeti Aish
Awesome experience..food was just fantastic. It is authentic kashmiri food prepared by authentic kashmiri cook or waza.. I met the Waza Sahab and gave compliments for cooking a wonderful meal every time I ate there.. the flavours just linger on and on..loved tabak maaz, gustaba especially.. n the firni is to die for..
Rahul Sharma
The Best Kashmiri Food, this side of Kashmir! Outstanding, Delhi really needed this.
Gyaana Tiwary
I have traveled  the world and have tasted gourmet cuisine  lest should I say awesomely splendid I was taken up by the sheer  mouthwatering delicacies reflecting  Heaven on earth which is our very own "Kashmir" I must say friends looking to enjoy a nice wonderful meal should head out to Khyen Chyen the ambiance truly reflecting its OrigiN ...    Read more >
Anchita Deb
The meatballs!!! We had been on an eating spree of differ cuisines last few days. So today my friend suggested Kashmiri and it was one the best choices we made. I couldn't even begin to write down how tasty each dish of wazwaan was! We took two mini wazwaan for four people and still struggled to finish the quantity. Would definitely go back for more!!
Victoria Haihing
Wow awesome food.....ooh and the #tabakmaaz if you are fan of mutton 😉 ...my hungry stomach can't resist thinking the food as a foodie 😂 “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
Yasir Ibn Ayub
Looking for authentic Kashmiri food? KC is the place for you. Everything on menu is tempting. The food is simply but expertly cooked, and you can really taste how fresh the ingredients are.  Good Luck to KC team (y)
Suhail Malik
Great Taste and Hospitality straight from the heart of Kashmir.The food is tastier and has great varieties. Looking to visit again and it is highly recommended for friends and buddies. Went again yesterday with friends. They all were mesmerised by the food
Ashish Sharma
It's rare when specialty eatery lives up to the hype. Khyen Chyen came across as an exceptionally wonderful experience on that front. Small cozy setup with impactful decor & an inviting reception set the tone for a wonderful eatup as it turned out to be. First hand on Rista was all buttery bytes but the taste was overpowered by the delightful bowl of a remarkable Rogan...  Josh. Later remained platter perfect presentation with optimally cooked meat blended with true spices which remained music to tastebuds. Trust, we were stacked but just as always pushed for another delicacy which turned out to be the bestest Biryani we've come across in NCR..Flavoursome with all the desired 'dum' infused inn, which for all should propel minus cutlery eating. With all of it done, deserts remain on hold till next Go. Keep Up the great show Guys, coz there are too few like you.   Read more >
Sreya Chatterjee
The food is just out of this world! Every dish on the wazwa was lip-smacking. Every meat dish so succulent and flavourful. Other than the food, the whole experience was lovely. Would love to come back. Great place for kashmiri cuisine.
Bazzinga Buzz
Being a Kashmiri , i know the taste of Wazwan, last night i came with my friends to this place and honestly i didnt expect the food to be as good as the real kashmiri wazwan, but to my suprise the food was a completele tradition kashmiri Wazwaan . Top quality food,Very tastly! Worth a shot..!
Aishwarya Gupta
Anything less than 5 stars wouldn't justify this place at all. Ive been here more than once and each time the food was impeccably delicious and worth the visit. You cannot get better value for money. I would rather like to request them to open a branch in delhi. Kashmiri food at its finest . this place is a must try
Abhijit Iyer-Mitra
We home ordered food from here and oh my god was it sensational! The Tabakh Maaz was perfect balance of flavours - rich fatty ribs , succulent my soft, perfectly seasoned and finished to absolute crunchy crispness on the outside. The Mutton Yakhni was amazing - you could tell the yoghurt had been whipped and cooked painstakingly - the flavours were perfect though the yoghu... rt had a slightly sour tang to it, it didn't screw up the dish . There was none of that awful new Iranian fad of dried mint nonsense at the end - just good old unadulterated Kashmiri flavours The Rishta was the absolute crowing glory. I was suspicious because the colour wasn't the Rick red you get from cockscomb flowers - but one taste of the gravy and you're in heaven - rich flavour of mutton marrow soaked up by the rice & the meatball itself was nice and spongy and the gravy unlike most other rishta's had penetrated deep inside. Better still you had that awesome single spice flavour of black cardamom in the rishta's just as it should be All up this place was a total revelation ... Far superior to Ahadsons & Chor Bizzare which used to be the only Kashmiri joints for us south Delhi folk   Read more >
Nitai Utkarsh
If you are looking for authentic Kashmiri food prepared by chefs who have actually come to Delhi all the way from the Heaven on Earth, you don't need to look any further. This small little place in the Crosspoint Mall is going to be the fav destination for the non-veg-with-a-twist lover. Right from Rista to Gustaba to all components of the wonders created by a Kashmiri Waz... , you can find all of it here and more.  Even if you are a vegetarian, there is some very delicious stuff to be had here. Tingling your taste buds to start with is the tamatar paneer dish with cottage cheese cubes fried to perfection and then immersed in a thick and extremely tasty yogurt - tomato curry. There is the saag paneer as well with the food flavors really coming out the way you would want them to. The place is small and tucked away in a corner on the ground floor of the Crosspoint Mall so it may not be very easy to locate at first. However, once you are through with your first visit, you will be so hooked on to the food that you will be one of the many regulars.  With not more than 10-12 people that can be seated, if the owners wanted, the place could have managed even with an average feel but the ambiance has been worked on with so much love and passion that it truly shows. Right from the utensils kept there to the Samovar used to pour the oh-so-delicious Kahwa, the entire arrangement is very very authentic and can transport you to Kashmir on a moment's notice.  So no need to wait any more, go dine in or order home!   Read more >
Ajaz Wani
My friend recemmended me to this new Buzz in town called Khyen Chyen. I am a meat lover and would travel distances for quality food. But now i am so glad to have such an authentic food in my neighborhood. Luv u KC... you guys rock
Bhanu Pratap Singh
Awesome food! This is one of the most authentic and reasonable cuisine you can try in ggn. One of the best dinner ever! We tried Mini-wazwan trami and loved every bit of it! They actually server 15 dishes in trami, order one trami for 2 people.  Great service and nice ambiance!
Deeksha Machhral
It is one of the most surreal experiences. Flavours and hospitality will equally blow you away! I can't get enough of this place. Go for their wazwaan ❤ P.S. - Skip breakfast and then go enjoy this amazing food ❤❤
Outstanding Food, Perfect Delivery. It was first time for us at office to try lunch and this place is spot on, Lahabdaar Kabab, Rogan Josh, Lotus Cutlet, Rice, Haakh, Phirni & complementary chutneys. brilliant is an understatement. The food was so delicious & full of flavors. Every one at office loved it. SO our office has a new place to order food from. Hope the p... lace keeps the same quality and quantity always. It was first time that we had kashmiri food, so all I can say is that every morsel was so damn tasty. Could not stop to eat. We are headed to their outlet this week to make sure we try other dishes and hopefully have our daily lunch from them customized. Cheers!! keep up the taste and you have a long long way to go…. thank you.   Read more >
Samiya Andrabi
A lovely ambiance and mouth watering Kashmiri food. For those who think good food means Chinese,  or Thai or whatever,—Khyen Chen is a great introduction to a distinctive cuisine characterized by spiciness and uniqueness.
Rashid Beig
Khyen Chyen is a wish come true for me or any other kashmiri food lover. Have visited may Kashmiri restaurants outside Kashmir and I must say Khyen Chyen is the most authentic and delicious. The prices are very reasonable and service very quick. A must visit for all food lovers Kashmiri or otherwise.
Its more often true than it is untrue, that in the world of restaurant reviews, one person's meat can be another's poison. This new restaurant in Gurgaon's Cross Point Mall was rated very highly by a few Zomato reviewers and so, my interest naturally piqued, I visited with my family. I'm delighted to say in this case one person's meat was our meat as well (specifically it ... was mutton) and the food was every bit as wonderful as I'd read it to be. I love Kashmiri non-veg cuisine but if the mutton isn't right it can go dreadfully wrong. These guys have obviously got a very good source of meat because their food is finger-licking good. We tried a bit of all their speciality dishes - goshtaba, rishta, lahabdaar kebab, marchwangan korma - topped with a kashmiri style phirni (compliments of the house) and a cup of saffron kahwa. On a scale of 1 to 10, none of these would rate below 9 and a couple would rate around 12 (like the goshtaba and the lahabdaar kababs). The cooking is awesome by their "fresh from Kashmir" chef (in fact he's so fresh that he can't speak Hindi yet), it is 100% authentic Kashmiri, and it is from the heart. These guys are proud of their cuisine and they know how to cook it. And it shows. This is my first 5.0 review. Its restaurants like this which are spoiling us Delhizens and making us unforgiving of other eateries with minor shortcomings, which we'd have happily overlooked before. Khyen Chyen has a lot to answer for. But first, they should take a bow.   Read more >
Aditya Raj
Whether you're foodie or no, you'll surely end up going beyond you can digest at Kyen Chyen. Everything we tried was truly delectable. Must try per me would be Tabak Maaz, Marchwangan Korma and Firin is just phenomenal. Go for it guys !!
Ashish Batra
One of the only places in Gurgaon that serves mouth watering Kashmiri Delicacies at pocket friendly prices ... A must try for spice lovers out there ..
Sankalp Gera
I went there on a Thursday evening ; its a small restaurant with very peaceful and calm surroundings, Excellent Ambience , well mannered and friendly staff , good food . I had labahbdaar kabab and kakur both were good. The best of all was the raddish chutni; they were sweet enough to offer us complimentary phirni which was awesome too..
Tripti Acharya
Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast. Kashmir is not only about the mesmerising natural beauty, its about Wazwan also. Khyen Chyen.. khayein piyein.. A place I wanted to visit since its opening.. finally got a chance - by chance - today to be here. Waaaao! Lovely.. worth every penny. Authentic wazwan.. Kashmiri cuisine. FOOD PORTION - Khyen: Only...  me.. Hungry.. Very hungry.. three options to choose from. Only me is also good enough for one.. filling. Chyen: portion was good. 5/5 SERVICE - perfect.. from suggesting what to try if you are 1st timer for wazwan to what goes into making it. They surely have a typical Kashmiri style of washing hands. They use kangri to present the bill. 5/5 AMBIENCE - small beautiful place with Kashmiri music having 4 tables - 2 2-seaters and 2 4-seaters. Food served in metal carved place. Kashmiri embroidery table cloth. Metal carved jars and storage.. lovely. I felt like I was sitting in a house in Kashmir.. only difference was that here food was supposed to be served on table and not on ground with dastarkhan. 5/5 FOOD QUALITY - Superb. There are some dishes including Rajma, which u need to pre-order for authentic cooking and ofcourse taste.@ 5/5 FOOD TASTE - Authentic. Spices, rice, and special mention for saffron.. seedha aapke liye Kashmir se. For right taste eat it with rice (avoid any Indian bread). 5/5 FOOD APPEARANCE - good. 4/5 HOME DELIVERY - Yes with minimum order amount. 5/5 Fireen and Saffron Kahwa are must try.. in the end. For me it was like re-visiting a Kasmiri household after 16 years. Must try place.   Read more >
Updated review : 05/12/2015 Though was skeptical bcos of my last experience, went in for take away on 04/12/2015. Ordered Tamatar Paneer. Though is a very simple dish and I didn't expect anything great from it, but here I was proved incorrect. They have got their acts together i believe. Tamatar paneer was way and totally different from the usual ones. Tasted awesome. Till...  I didnt see the paneer pieces, I kept thinking it as a non veg dish. Loved the onions, mint sauce and the radish dip Definitely visiting again for non veg Revised rating from 3 to 4.5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ordered Rista from their menu which states 'spicy' curry. The first look of the dish looked as mentioned. After tasting realised it was just the colour which made it look spicy. Bland is the word. The excessive use of colour was prominent which was clearly visible on fingers. Personally didn't like it much and wont be ordering again, but do give it a try for own personal experience   Read more >
Maneck Khanna
Khyen Chyen literally when translated in Kashmiri means “Khaana Peena” (To eat and drink). This was told to me by Nasir, the man who has brought the “wazwaan” from his homeland to the glittering city of Gurgaon. If you have been to Kashmir, you would have noticed the Tshirts with slogans “I am in Kashmir, Heaven can wait!” Khyen Chyen for me was just that ... a...  foodie heaven. I say this because Kashmiri food, laden with red meat is definitely heaven for meat eating food lovers like me and to “raid” restaurants like these I always trust my heavy weight foodies from The Delhi Foodie Club (TDfc) to accompany me. Located on the ground floor of the DLF Crosspoint mall (the one diagonally opposite DLF Galleria), a mall which has become famous for its eateries, Khyen Chyen is a quaint cosy little place which can seat around 12 guests at the max. So considering there were 10 of us the restaurant completely belonged to TDfc’s private party which consisted CEOs to bankers to journalist and hotel industry veterans. Having a Kashmiri pundit along with us helped a lot in vetting the authenticity of the wazwaan and also receiving some extra gyan on the side. The logo of the restaurant is hard to miss and matches with the fire burning in your bellies when you are hungry. That of course is my version of the logo, though the real thought was told to me by Nasir that he wanted to have something that signifies strength, commitment, something that makes the brain think. They gave the centre of it a perfect circle that signifies their belief in complete satisfaction. The crowns are derived from various Kashmiri designs, like utensils, the famous chinar leaf etc. The logo as one would notice also has the tag line of DISCOVER. TASTE. INDULGE. something that blends perfectly with their cuisine and hospitable culture. The interiors set the mood for a Kashmiri experience as you enter the restaurant. The hues of red and yellow lighting are what are mostly used in the wooden houses and even the houseboats in Kashmir. The warm colours help in countering the cold climate and it seems Nasir has used the same effect to complete the effect of a Kashmiri dining hall for his restaurant and complementing the quaint setup of the place. Kashmiri’s use a lot of wood and Nasir decided to have wood as the base instead of the usual Plywood and Laminates keeping the lighting simple yet precise so that the focus does not go away from our dishes, rather they could impose the lights on the food served. The place is small but attention to detail has been paid by strategically placing artefacts and elements from the culture and vantage points but not in your face. Once settled the aroma from the kitchen is what will take over your sense and though one cannot eat from the nose, one definitely can salivate to the aromas of meat. The food which were waiting for as mentioned is called the Wazwaan and while we waited patiently, Nasir once again like the good host he is explained to us what it means. In Kashmiri language Waza means a 'Cook' and Wan means 'Shop’, hence the name. Wazwan is a multi-course meal in Muslim Kashmiri cuisine, the preparation of which is considered an art and a point of pride in Kashmiri Muslim culture and identity. And no sooner had he finished we had the Tabakh Maaz on the table. The fried Goat Ribs, Tabakh Maaz, which is a signature of wazwaan is golden friend and crisp on the outside and fatty and soft inside. The one served at KC was just that and once the pierced through the crispy skin it was so juicy that it melted in the mouth. A plate of Tabakh maaz consisted of six pieces and being the first dish to grace our tables, I finished two of those plates one after the other. Satisfied with the meat and can of Coke in front of me (sadly no Thums Up) I was ready to take on what Nasir and his Chef Manzoor were planning next. Mutton Kanti, with its entire aroma landed on the table even before the Tabakh maaz was fnished, though it had to stay as we kept ordering the maaz till the very end. Kanti is so simple a dish that the sanctity of the mutton remains along with the fragrance and taste of the spices that blend into the meat along with the smoothness of the yogurt in which it is marinated. A mutton dish which was served alongside naan (Indian bread), not sure if done traditionally, but a great combination. A plate of Mutton Kanti along with a complete naan was devoured and though I was eating beyond capacity, the will and intent to keep going was very strong. Now this was not even the beginning and some of us were already full. The main course however were an array of heavily loaded BIG GUNS, from the Marchwangan Korma to Wazza Kakur, from the opulent Rista and the full stop to the meal, the mighty Gosthaba. Over a bed of steamed rice, each of these items were served in these traditional metal dishes, keeping it close to tradition and authenticity. The Marchwangan Korma or better known as the Mirchi Korma does justice to its fiery name, as this mutton dish is red hot and mysterious. Made in fiery red Kashmiri chillies, this mutton korma when served to us deserved a fresh plate of rice on which the reddish gravy was poured. The hands did the talking as the mouth was full of this spicy concoction of meat, rice and chillies. Never the one to complain about spice, I finished my plate in record time expecting more from the Waza’s kitchen and I was not disappointed as I spotted the bowl of Rista in my peripheral vision. Rista, meatballs made out of fine minced mutton which is pounded for hours by a wooden hammer to give it the softness and texture no other meatball can have. To be honest I have had a bigger Rista sitting in a houseboat in Kashmir and there is nothing which can beat that. However, KC has done a good job on this dish and though smaller, I loved the laden red gravy, which just coloured my rice in a hue similar to the warm lights of the restaurant. An honest confession ... The first time ever I had Kashmiri food, my Punjabi Palate took to the Rista much faster and I preferred it over the mighty Goshtaba. Slowly as I got to know the “King of Meatballs” I took a liking to it and this evening I could not wait for the Goshtaba to grace our plates. The gravy is what makes the Goshtaba and it consists of an elaborate mix of Saunf powder, dry Ginger powder or Saunth (as it's called) with Salt and Jeera powder with whipped yoghurt added cold to the masala giving it the creamy white character and taste. Since onion and garlic is not used (hardly grown in the valley) the gravy is thickened by rice flour. The gyaan provided to me by a fellow Kashmiri foodie did stuck with me and though I hardly ever go into the details of cooking the Goshtaba has always fascinated me. Nasir however served us smaller meatballs, though the Goshtaba is huge. On sensing my disappointment, I was assured the mighty ball in all its glory was on its way and on arrival, there was a Goshtaba cutting ceremony followed by “Devour the Goshtaba” carnage and a round of “Diet” Coke to down so much red meat which had gone down our foodie pits. We were so full that we had to stop ourselves from ordering anymore though the order of food demanded we finish off on a sweet note and the row of Phirni was too good to resist. With shiny spoons and pure white bowls, the thickly textured Phirni did taste like the “food for gods” on our palates. After being satiated when I met the kitchen team headed by Manzoor bhai, I realized that despite the challenges that they face in Delhi in finding the right meat for preparation and supply chain (as the dishes are dependent of the quality of meat and the time of preparation) they have successfully overcome them by sourcing all ingredients from Kashmir (besides the meat) which ofcourse is logistics nightmare at times but not impossible. The passion definitely reflects in the cooking and the hospitable nature of the staff. The evening was just beyond words and we ate like there was no tomorrow. A great value for money meal which set us back by 1100 bucks per person, meat lovers if you crave for the rich cuisine from the valley, in Gurgaon or a matter of fact in Delhi, Khyen Chyen, is the place which you certainly cannot give a miss.The evening was just beyond words and we ate like there was no tomorrow. A great value for money meal which set us back by 1100 bucks per person, meat lovers if you crave for the rich cuisine from the valley, in Gurgaon or a matter of fact in Delhi, Khyen Chyen, is the place which you certainly cannot give a miss. askmaverick.wordpress.com   Read more >
Shambavi Katoch (What Sam Says About)
I feel high every time I think of Kashmir. Having spent my entire childhood in the valley, Kashmir makes a noise in every beat of my heart and lives in every cell of my body. Hence my love affair with Kashmiri food is as old as I am. For me it was love at first bite, yes the first bite that I can remember, that I took thirty something years ago (no I ain't telling you how ... old I am). Having lived and eaten my entire life in a Kashmiri household I know my food. I mean, I know my soul food. I have eaten endless wazvaan's endless pieces of roganjosh and yakhni curries that my mom, my nani and my grandmother have fed me my entire life. In the hustle and bustle of this maddening city of Delhi, I do miss my childhood favourites - The Rishta and Gushtaba not easily available here. I do cook Kashmiri food and some real good Kashmiri food, but the challenge in Delhi is that one cannot find the kind of mince used for Rishta or Gushtaba. Having enjoyed the awesome food of Ahad Sons - The very well know place for Kashmiri food in Delhi, I had huge expectations from Khyen Chyen clubbed with the fact that I am over confident that noone can fool me when it comes to Kashmiri food. I'd say I know Kashmiri food like the back of my hand. I can close my eyes and recognize good, well cooked Kashmiri Food. Even though loads of Kashmiri restaurants are mushrooming in our city as we speak, most of them aren't making what I would refer to as "Authentic" waza cooked Kashmiri food. As it is, my belief is that Kashmiri cuisine isn't something that gels with everyone's palate due to the absence of onion, garlic and tomatoes and the use of different masala's not used in most north Indian cuisines - like dry ginger powder or fenugreek powder. So if you feed someone alien to this cuisine any averagely cooked Kashmiri gravy he would consider it heavenly. This is where a good, honest to god, truly authentic Kashmiri restaurant like Khyen Chyen comes to your rescue. So here we were one Sunday afternoon when I was missing my mom and wanted some nice hot batta and Gushtaba and I had heard of this new place in Cross point mall in Gurgaon. But my visit to Khyen Chyen was serendipity. I had earlier decided on picking a take away from another famous Kashmiri place but decided instead to sit down and eat and enjoy freshly prepared waza cooked food. I must say one thing about Khyen Chyen, that this was the yummiest Kashmiri food I've had in a very very long time! For me it was like coming home. I am almost sobbing as I am writing this, Kashmiri food was great when we were in Kashmir and we enjoyed some waza cooked Kashmiri food in Weddings and functions, but today the absence of the availability of great Kashmiri food breaks my heart. The food here at Khyen Chyen filled that vacuum of my heart, which was created by this unavailability of great Kashmiri food in the city. I can close my eyes and head out to this place every time I miss mom cooked food. Khyen Chyen offers lovers of Kashmiri cuisine friendly service alongwith a cosy ambience. Right from the time you enter this place, you're greeted by the typical Kashmiri ambience - the copper vessles / samavar's on the shelves, the aroma of izbandh in the air (Izband is a traditional Kashmiri incense which basically are Harmal/Wild Rue Seeds), the way they make you wash hands just like they used to in Kashmiri weddings and of course, the way food is served. One thing I must complement the owner for - he pampers his guests like one pampers the son-in-law in a kashmiri household (and the son-in-law being invited for a meal is a real big deal). He was with us all through the meal ensuring we have whatever we want. Also another great thing about the food here is that unlike the usual Kashmiri food being oily, the food here has just the right proportion of oil, not making your meal heavy or making you feel guilty of having a high calorie / heavy meal. But that certainly doesn't mean that by putting less oil the taste of the dish is compromised. Certainly not, but I felt this made the dishes even tastier. We started with a hot cuppa saffron Kashmiri Kahwa garinshed with Kashmiri saffron and almonds. I cannot begin to describe the blissful feeling of sipping the perfect kahwa flavoured with saffron in the authentic way through a Samavar. Post that arrived the starters with the authentic kashmiri dips and kebab's marinated in Kashmiri spices. Then came the meaty mains. Meat forms an important part of Kashmiri cuisine. A meal seems incomplete without a morsel of some fiery red roganjosh or some yummy yakhni. But that day I wasn't in the mood to try the usual dishes I try on and off, so I tried items I had never tried before like the Marchawangan Korma and the lahabdar kebab. I also had my hot kashmiri favourites the rishta and gushtaba with rice and relishes every single inch of them. The dessert was exquisite too - the Phirni was fabulous. Now coming down to the taste test. Kahwa - The blissful feeling of sipping the perfect kahwa flavoured with saffron in the authentic way through a Samavar. Flavoured with cinnamon and mild subtle flavour of saffron made it perfect. My rating 5/5 Kashmiri Mutton Seekh Kebab - served with the authentic kashmiri dips and kebab's marinated in Kashmiri spices. The kebabs were juicy, tender and melt in your mouth pieces of pure skill. Myrating 5/5 Marchawangan Qorma - Maarchawangan in Kashmiri means whole red chilli and its interesting to know that the whole red chilli is ground and the juice is used in th gravy for that red colour. This dish has a mild spice level and is very different from the way Roganjosh tastes. My first time having this and I loved it. My rating 4/5 Lahabdar Kebab - I must tell you the lahabdar kebab was exquisite. My first time having this dish and I was speechless. This dish is something in between a rishta and a Mastch (kashmiri meat balls). It was so blissful and oh so heavenly that I might fall short of words to describe it. You have to taste it to understand what I am saying. My rating 5/5 Rishta - Nice and juicy finely pounded meat balls in red gravy just the way I like them. Truly authentic. My rating 4.5/5 Gushtaba - These pieces of beauty in white yoghurt gravy were spectacular. They could do with a little more curd. But the flavour and spice was spot on. My rating 4.5/5 Firni - Even though there is a dearth of desserts in our cuisine, yet the ones that exist do full justice to ones sweet tooth. The firni here has to be one of the best I have ever eaten, and trust me I have eaten quite a few. Its better even than Karim's at Jama Masjid. Its thick, its mildly sweet and the almonds make it divine. My rating 5/5 Guys, I want to say that this is an unbiased review of this awesome place. Because I am a Kashmiri and I understand the cuisine, hence I say that Khyen Chyen by far is one of the best Kashmiri restaurant's of our times. This place has to be in your list of must visit places for 2015. whatsamsaysabout.blogspot.com   Read more >
Ok khyen chyen is an authentic Kashmiri food place to go to. Yup their kava is the beginning of authenticity. Oh before we get to main dishes- their onion chutney and mooli chutney with just salt, chilli and lemon is yum. Tabbakmas made of goat ribs was crispy on the top and soft melt in the mouth under that ( but it is pure fat you r eating, no kidding that) yum. Gushtaba...  was soft and flavourful and curry was delectable with the Jammu rice. Yakhini was again delicious however the curry is the same as gushtaba. So next time I need to remember to order rista which comes in rogan josh curry. Tandoori roti and butter nan were good. Got Phirni complimentary aha! Although I must confess I thought this was some fine dinning place. But it really is a small casual and cozy place to eat. All of four tables there I think it is a great place to order in from. And they deliver across Gurgaon. Across ever sec 23. I am happy. Oh let me say this again kava was yummmmmm ketchupmoms.com   Read more >
Aparna Arya
Fabulous late lunch at this delectable elfin eatery. Amazing food from the lands that Emperor Jahangir once called 'Paradise on Earth'. Amazingly zestful, full of flavours, wholesome food that even when you are full, you just wanna keep on eating. We had the Lahabdar Kebab (thanks to the recommendation of Shambavi Ganju Katoch) which was juicy and yummy, but unlike what th... e name suggests, it's not just a kebab but comes with a savoury gravy. The Marchwangan Korma looks fiery but is very mildly spiced and teams up great with Batta (plain Dum rice) even the Mutton Daniwal Korma is a good pairing - although the flavors and spices are even more subtle than the Marchwangan. Last but certainly not non-veg - our only veg diner was also in for a treat - never has the humble bottle gourd been elevated so as to make even the most skeptical palate Believe. In the starters we had the Tabakh Maaz - dry & crispy shallow fried mutton ribs - which though doesn't sound very delicious, even the non-mutton-loving non-veg eater like me wanted to have seconds of. Also, a special mention for the yummy radish & yogurt chutney - Mujh Chutney, which the owner suggested as a palate cleanser between trying different dishes. I am a staunch supporter of the anti-radish club and I have to admit it was the most refreshing cleanser unlike mint (another anti club I support) :) Now for the pièce de résistance - the sweet, the blasphemously incredible Phirni, which the owner apologised for not having been able to serve in the 'correct' bowl. Two of our party of four ordered it, since the others were not feeling sugar-ly inclined but they couldn't resist a couple of bountiful bites nonetheless. All in all wondering when can I order next & how soon shall it be...   Read more >
Sim Walia
Absolutely loved it! Have always been a fan of Kashmiri food. So as soon as I saw this on Zomato, I knew I had to order from here. The first on my order list was Goshtaba. Then the person taking my order suggested that I order Lahabdaar Kebab and Haakh. Haakh is a preparation of Kale leaves. I had no idea that Kale is even available in India! I went ahead with his suggesti... ons as I really wanted to try the Haakh. After that.. I was just desperately waiting for my order. The food arrived as per the suggested time. I opened up the boxes. The aroma filled up my kitchen and I couldn't wait to try.. And what can I say... Amaaaaazing food!!! All the items were just too good. This is the first time I had Kale leaves and my my, they were prepared brilliantly! The Goshtaba and the Lahabdaar kebabs had really soft and juicy meat. Overall experience? I'm dying to order again! Just one suggestion: there should be a smaller portion (only me) available for Haakh too!   Read more >
Akhil Dogra
Khyen Chen is located opposite to Galleria Market. This is a must visit place if you love authentic Kashmiri food or wish to try at-least. The restaurant has the seating capacity of 10-12 people with a very neat ambiance. There is open place outside the restaurant but no seating arrangement for that. Staff is very generous and humble.  The quality of the food was ama... zing. We tried Tabakh Maaz which is a must have. For the main course we asked the staff & they have guided to another dish Lahabdaar Kebab which was average not so very tasty. I asked if they have any specific roti as their cuisine to which he said No :(  We also tried Pulav which amazingly delicious. Taste was very different from veg Pulavs. Last but not the least we had Fireen for Desserts. I wish I could have at-least 3 or 4 of them only if my stomach would've allowed it. There were slow Kashmiri music was playing as well, adding to the mood. Pricing was a bit high. I will visit this place again, to try other delicacies. Ambiance - 4/5 Food - 4.5/5 Staff - 4.5/5 Price - ****   Read more >
Rohit Royalson
One beautiful cove of a restaurant this. Excellent service and hospitality. Friendly waiters who are more than happy to suggest and explain the dishes on offer. This place is a mutton lover's paradise. We tried the "only me" portions of the Tabakh maaz, Kanti mutton for starters. The tabakh ribs were done golden brown good with an amazing meat cooked aroma abojt them. They...  were crispy and soft at the same time. Surprisingly, the bones were also edible after that degree of cooking. The lahabdar was a spice rich dish and was served with boneless mutton pieces. Had us drinking water to down the spice but was flavorful and delicious. The suggested roti was a lifesaver as a condiment for this semi gravy dish. For the main course we ordered portions of the lahabdar kebab and the goshtaba. Both distinct tastes and colors we had them with roti and the Batta rice. The lahabdar had a paaya like gravy with bean shaped patties of minced meat. The gravy was delectable and mildly spiced. The goshtaba however was a surprise. With its seemingly malai colored curry its looks make you expect a mild creamy flavor. However it is a tangy butter flavor gravy with delightfully soft meatballs doused in it. The meatballs tasted wonderful with the gravy and rice. All in all a very distinctive dish. They were kind enough to serve us complimentary sweet dish the phirni which was rose scented and pleasingly sweet. Suggestions would be to provide a salad along to refresh our palate before each dish to get the full flavor and experience. The rating goes for its soothing ambience, royal treatment and heartwarming and tummychumming dishes. A must try if you are a mutton lover like me. Happy Eating.   Read more >
Tushar Ranjan
Real Kashmiri Authentic Food... Love the food taste, ambiance & most important the way your are treated by the staff makes you feel special. Keep the good food flowing guys, suggest the foodies of gurgaon Khyen Chyen deserves kne visit at least.
Good food, served with warmth. Its a simple little eatery, neat n quiet. And the food is Kashmiri. Am no judge of authenticity of wazwan cuisine, but the flavours n spices were screaming authentic to me. I love dry fenugreek, cinnamon and a whole lotta earthy flavours, and the dishes here were all spiced adequately and abundantly. My favs were the goshtaba (yogurt based gr... avy with meatballs) and the lahabdaar kebab (mince kebabs with an aromatic gravy) ...really nicely done. Marchwangan korma was mutton gravy with bone..also v delicious. The dishes are all gravy based, in some cases the gravy is very thin...as in rista...so do order some rice ...batta as they call it here. Their kahwa is exquisite. It seems they make it here, in-house, no packaged mix used. Good food n vfm!!   Read more >
Gautam Bahri
Highly recommended.......Great quality of ingredients , fabulous taste and above all , moderately priced......got home delivery,had a remarkable experience.....wish had a bigger stomach........
Ananya Sharma
With the love for food I have, I hunt for authentic food of different regions. I went With a lot of expectations derived from the good reviews I got for this place and it stood by all the appreciation satisfying the taste buds to the best. I specifically went with my Kashmiri friend to know where they stand and he felt like he was home. Brilliant food and cosy warm interio... rs. Must visit Cheers!!   Read more >
Rafi Manzoor
I am delighted with over all get up of this little small eatery. Being in its infancy its better than rest. Quality of food was really good 10 on 10. I am die hard wazwan eater they have maintained authenticity. Keep it up. Wish space was bit bigger in size.
Abhijit Baruah
Excellent tandoori chicken......We tried marchanwagan korma......... Its diff but tastes good. Definitely Try other dishes again...must visit .......
I treated my taste buds to Lehbi kabab,Aal Yakhni and Tamatar Chaman.Pleasently surprised that all three dishes were totally authentic Kashmiri.Loved the food and the ambience . Kudos to the team of KC for bringing in the true the aroma of kashmiri food to NCR.
Monalisa Sahu
A small place tucked away in cross point mall - it can fit only 10 people at best. But the food is definitely yummm!!! The rishta was absolutely delicious, the naan was soft and fluffy. But the phirnee tasted just like from heaven! Had a second helping right away:-D
Abee Wani
A treat for the taste buds. Was fortunate to relish some authentic Kashmiri cuisine today at this small but impressive Restaurant, Khyen Chen. Had 'Tabakh Maaz', shallow fried lamb ribs. The taste was superb. And meat very tender. Then had rice with 'Daniwal korma' with an awesome tasting thick yellow gravy and 'Marchawangan Korma' with red hot but mildly spicy gravy. Both...  were a delight. Also relished 'Lahbabdar Kabab' which was the best I have had so far. My sweet teeth compelled me to order for 'Firni' as desert. The choice proved right as it was simply superb to the last scoop. Overall a very good experience. Nice hospitality by the owner. Looking forward to having Relish food at Khyen Chen soon. Planning to treat my office colleagues to this amazing cuisine, soon.   Read more >
Manoj Kumar Mishra
Visited this joint on 17th April and ordered gostaba, lahabdaat korma and saag . I was very satisfied with food quality as well as my choice where the owner of the place Naser was a delightful help . Not only that Naser also came personally to help me purchase kahwa packet to take home . Forgot to mention that I had kahwa also earlier which was authentic and wonderful . Th... anx Naser once again for ur very personal care . I would certainly give my highest recommendation to this place   Read more >
Sanjay Gogoi
Awesome food. Yakhni, Lahabdar kabab with butter nun- just too good. Goshtaba was well done. Happy to have a Kashmiri joint in the heart of Gurgaon.
Lovely ambience, great food.....tasted the best and most authentic kashmiri cuisine away from Kashmir.......a place to be visited again and again for sure....kudos to the restaurant team for their hospitality
Maryam Mir
The food was really nice! Looking forward to going there again soon! The food was wonderful, unlike many Kashmiri restaurants outside kashmir!
Khoobsurat Najma
had some mouthwatering authentic kashmiri food at khyen chyen.. my personal favourites are mirchi korma, daniwal korma and tabakhmazz.. would strongly recommend this place:)
Ankit Tandon
An honest attempt at authentic Kashmiri food. Having had disappointing food in the name of Kashmiri and much costlier places, I was skeptical at first. But my doubts were put to rest with the Goshtaba, which is the closest to the taste you get in Srinagar. The curry was pretty balanced, and the meatball was fresh, prepared in-house. The Waza Kokur was ok but nothing great....  Fireen was good. Our server was very attentive and gave enough time and suggestions. He also gave us some chutneys to sample which were nice. They have a special pre-order menu so next time I will plan in advance and try those specialties. The place serves very good value for money. Hopefully they will not give in to the popular pressures and start 'Mughalizing' their food.   Read more >
We decided to take a break from the usual north indian/chinese/mughlai home delivery and try kashmiri food. And we were not disappointed ! Our order was small and based on their recommendation - chicken malai kebabs and goshtaba with plain rice. The kebabs were delicately flavoured, no over powering of spices and melt-in-your-mouth. We were promised that they would be diff... erent from the usual malai kebabs and they stood up to their promise. Next was the goshtaba, again beautifully soft and spongy mutton balls in a light fragrant gravy. It was a wonderful dinner. Looking forward to visiting the restaurant now and also to try out the other items on the menu !   Read more >
Runit Kapur
Never expected good kashmiri food in gurgaon but khyen chyen is the place for authencity. Though tried only Rista, but it was a trip to memory lane in kashmir. Will recommend to all wazwan lovers. wish them all the best.
Arshi SD
Well sometimes you have to experience yourself instead of going through the mixed reviews.I was confused but thought of giving it a try and decided to order lunch from them.So I ordered my favourite dishes mutton rishta,gushtaba and fireen.Kashmiri dishes tastes best with steamed rice so I already prepared the rice at home.Now comes the hot packed food.They delivered on ti... me.The food was nicely packed as the box was full of curry they packed it carefully. Gushtaba was too good.Velvety mutton balls in white herbed gravy.Nicely spiced.Mutton rishta somewhat same mutton balls in saffron spiced gravy.I have read in few reviews that these are not spicy but these dishes are actually not very spicy like Mughlai cuisine.Gushtaba is made in curd with spices and herbs like fennel powder,mint powder and ginger and Rishta is made in saffron gravy so they are not supposed to be as spicy as Rogan Josh and people think they are not spicy enough.I enjoyed every bit of it.Later I had my dessert Fireen it's a semolina pudding just like kheer is rice pudding.It was nice and thick garnished with almonds.I will definitely order again and might visit the restaurant to have a cup of Kehwa.   Read more >
Small quaint place, perfect setting for wazwan cuisine, food is authentic kashmiri. Reviewing after the fifth visit, favourites so far chicken Kanti, Daniwal Mutton/chicken, Nadru and Yakhni if you are lucky they usually have either mutton or chicken yakhni every time. All in all a great place for wazwan.Love the option of portion sizes makes you order like you are orderin... g wazwan in Kashmir, will definitely visit again.   Read more >
Rachita Kumar
My husband and I are constantly on the look out for good Kashmiri cuisine joints and since there isn't too much demand for them, the good ones usually shut shop. I was still on my quest and chanced upon Khyen Chyen. Ordered my favourite gushtaba, rogan josh, haak saag and feerni. The food lived up to my expectations and I loved the flavourful and rose tasting feerni which ... was the perfect end to a lip smacking meal. Guys please keep up the quality and taste.   Read more >
Saanvi Arora
This place still knows how to deliver a great experience. The atmosphere is outstanding, especially if you can score a table on a saturday. Service was excellent. Our reservation was honored on time. Everyone  were gracious and attentive. Our server was outstanding, including his very helpful suggestions for each course as we don't know much about Kashmiri food. The ... food might not be strictly traditional, but it is excellent. Each dish was perfect. Don't miss the shame kebab, might be the kebab ever . The meal was dirt cheap, Overall well worth it.   Read more >
Lakshmi Kanchan
After a discussion earlier in the day on Kashmiri food and then the weather being good too - were two good reasons to step out with a friend for some good old Kashmiri food to Khyen Chyen. Ordered Marchwangan Korma, Tamatar Paneer and Haakh. Perfect flavours. We savoured every bite. And then Nasir suggested that we try Al-Yakhni since my friend is a vegetarian. Very reluct... antly we agreed. May I add that we were not disappointed at all. Who thought that such a simple vegetable (bottle gourd) could be so delicious! Icing on the cake was the Fireen - firni with semolina (Suji) which I tasted for the first time. All I can say is that I am hooked! My friend who was visiting Khyen Chyen for the first time is a convert too. Continues to be a very hospitable quaint little place. Not the best pictures but then ..... 😀😀   Read more >
Excellent place to have a Kashmiri mutton Rogan Josh, small seating place caters primarily to home orders. Had rogan josh with rice and tandoori roti - entire preparation leaves a lasting taste, and will make sure you are back for next visit.
Uday Mukhija
An authentic Kashmiri experience from the second one steps into this place, the food is rich and delicious. The service is also warm and it's a very satisfying experience.
Swapan Seth
Excellent Kashmiri food. Possibly the finest in Delhi NCR. The seekh kababs are brilliant as are the rajma. Service is brisk. Though the ambience is decidedly dowdy. Order in.
Vishal Mehta
Awesome and delicious food - Tried Tabakh Maaz, Goshtaba and Marchwangan Mutton ....all dishes were superb and awesome Recommended! Must Visit
Had Goshtaba and Rogan Josh with Batta.. Both dishes were delicious and I also found the "only me" portions quiet generous. The service was courteous and prompt.
If you dig north-Indian cuisine and are tired of heavy, overly spicy, oil drenched food you get served everywhere, you've got to visit this cosy little Kashmiri place. Well to start with a homely feel, limited menu(some things on the menu can only be ordered in advance) and a very different feel overall. The food is, is just different, you can only know once you've tasted ... it. We've had Palak paneer(strongly recommended), mutton kebab, kale and 1 more mutton dish along with their special rice. Everything very tasteful, fragrant, rich yet light. Must visit for an amazing food experience!   Read more >
Had been planning to visit here. Finally went there for diner. A small place, in position to occupy about 12 to 14 people. Haven't had the Kashmiri food before, so had no idea of taste. A mix review, we ordered veg and non veg both items. The non veg dishes, both starters and main course were superb. The veg dishes included saag, which was not that good, probably cooked in...  a different way was the reason. Loved the ambience of this tiny place and that Kashmiri music was lovely, however could not understand the lyrics :p. Would love to go back for the non veg.   Read more >
Karan Grover
Waah-zwaan! Located in Cross Point mall opposite Galleria market, this little restaurant delivers exceptional kashmiri food and tops it up with some fantastic service and courtesy. The staff is sweet, helpful, generous and courteous. They answered all our questions regarding the cuisine and were very helpful in providing various recommendations. If you are new to this cuis... ine, i suggest you go for the full Wazwaan - They serve 15 dishes including the various specialities like Goshtaba, Haak etc. along with rice. A must try to experience Kashmiri hospitality and cuisine!   Read more >
Jaspreet Kaur
Good experience of the #kashmiricuisine at #Khyenchyen ..Tried couple of dishes : tabak maaz, gushtaba, aloobukhara korma with batta. Dessert we tried was Fireen, awesome cooling flavor and polished with zafraan qahwa which had aromatic taste.. Must try if anyone would love to give difference experience to the taste buds..
Samir Darne
This was for the first time that I have ever ordered food from this hotel and was amazing. The taste and blend of all spices was just perfect I relished every bite that I had. Being a resident of Mumbai I travel a lot to Srinagar for its beauty and food off-course and I found the same taste here with Khyen Chyen. Thanks for the wonderful experience.. Many thanks ... ...    Read more >
Priya Khanna
What a delight! I have craved for Kashmiri food for a long time, but finally I feel there a place which serves delicious Kashmiri food. They have got most things right -- First up - the food is good and authentic (says my Kashmiri friend with whom I visited this place the first time)!! I have tried Tabakh Maaz, Rogan Josh, Rista, Gostaba, Lahabdaar kebab - and each of thes... e dishes are delicious. Amongst the vegetarian options Haak is a must try. I also love the onion and radish chutney they serve as accompaniments. And the Phirni is different, less sweet and oh so awesome! Next is the ambience - warm and authentic, they have tried to create the feel of having a traditional Kashmiri meal. The utensils they use, the ritual of getting your hands washed at the table, the Kashmiri music ...all adds up to a fantastic experience. The staff is warm and knowledgable and the place is value for money. Not sure what else could one ask for :) A must try.   Read more >
Sheikh Faheem
Great Food, enjoyed the real kashmiri cuisine , Maintain quality you will rock. Small place but worth a visit if you are a fan of Kashmiri cuisine !
Mary Majumdar
Delicious Kashmiri Cuisine!!! Kashmiri style and service boys are very hospitable... Very good food, it's like homemade food... Not much people are aware of this place but it's a place to be visited again & again....
TheFoodieMe-Pooja Amiy Vivek
We never had the taste for it but post our experience at Khyen Chyen..we have fallen in love with the Kashmiri cuisine The delicacies prepared n the aroma is something we would want to keep experiencing time and again
Ishita Kumar
Hidden in a small corner of Cross Point Mall this might look a small insignificant place from outside but once you enter you are in a different world all together!! It's a small cafe kind of place but the interiors are very well done and the cutlery with the carved plates and spoons just add to the whole ambience!!  The food is equally awesome, very well cooked, the ... chicken was moist and beautifully cooked, the mutton was soft and not chewy. While the authenticity of Kashmiri food could be felt all through. We fell in love with this place and would definitely visit again. Thanks for all the hospitality ishikoool.blogspot.com   Read more >
Naresh Verma
I am not a Kashmiri but must say that Taste knows no Boundaries if it is indeed Tasty. The food at this Restaurant is class apart and has an international appeal. This place is highly recommended.
Saniyia Kraipak
The best place in NCR to get authentic Kashmiri food. Ahh it reminds me of home and waazwan back in Kashmir. A must have dish would be meeth maaz and rista.
Akshay Goenka
I am a huge huge fan of Kashmiri food and since I have tried this place in Srinagar which has also become very close to my heart, I have been searching for similar Kashmiri food in Gurgaon and trust me this place takes me very close to my favourite place in Srinagar. Thank You Team Kheyn Cheyn.
Rahul Mukim
Awesome Kashmir food at the right prices. The vegetarian selection though limited is lip-smackingly good, with the right blend of Kashmir spices. We have been there at least half a dozen times and have always had a good time Homely service and staff that always is eager to please...Must visit
Devasish Dey
A great dining place in budget. Food is really very tasty. Even I found veg food delicious. If  I compare veg food taste and quality I think I have ate the best veg food here in Gurgaon. Nothing to say more about Non veg it is just awesome!!! Whatever I ordered in Non-veg every dish was nice. Dishes are limited but all are good.  If any one has got bored of but... ter chicken and butter paneer then this is the place to try.   Read more >
Aayush Singhal
One of the best finds of the month. Its a small cozy place with a distinct ambiance. The staff is great and is happy to make recommendations. The menu is limited but the food is great especially if you are a mutton lover. Will definitely recommend Marchwangan Korma if you like spicy mutton. My vegetarian friends were slightly disappointed since some of the dishes that they...  wanted to try were not available that day.  Overall, a must visit for any non vegetarian looking for authentic Kashmiri food.   Read more >
Soumik Chatterjee
Dishes tried: Chicken Biryani, Waza Kokur, Kokur Seekh Kebab. Quality: Extremely good. Ambience: Got a very Kashmiri feel to it; only the good parts. Service: One of the best I've come across. They do know how to go the extra mile with respect to customer satisfaction. Pocket pinch: A tad on the higher side. Verdict: Great food, good ambience, and staff that you'd want to ... serve you all day. A winner!   Read more >
Satrajit Das
This Kashmiri place in Gurgaon is one of its kind. Experiencing the Kashmiri cuisine in Srinagar, we have been craving some of it for the last one year, when we discovered this quaint joint in Crosspoint Mall. Located in the Gr. floor of the mall - it's a little tough to find as it's just a hole in the wall with only a seating capacity of 12-15 guests in 4 tables. However,...  the smallness of the place does have a large heart for the food. It's authentic Kashmiri wazwan with the full array is simply delectable. You should try the Goshtaba, Kanti and the Rishta and sweet-top it with Phirni.   Read more >
Manisha (ThePepperDoober)
Recommended only for non vegetarians. It is non veg heaves and vegetarians remorse. You can have few ghiya items as veg but not much options. However ghiya sabji is also good. Dont recall the name . Authentic kashmiri outlet.
Nakul Vagale
Authentic Kashmiri I don't really know. But some great food none the less. The wife and I shared a mini wazwaan trami. Says serves 1, but was good enough for us two! To be fair we ordered extra tandoori Roti & a kabab as a starter. But the malai kabab plate came midmeal & we ended up picking it. 15 dishes - meat eaters heaven served by the chef! The sweet dish was ... phirni, I'm not a phirni guy and had only a bite which was great! Totally killer! Must try! Leaving with a smile & a full belly :)   Read more >
I loved the starter and the biryani I'm in love with this place eversince I visited it. A small elegant restaurant with amazing chicken, after all its kashmiri cuisine. Chicken tikkaa and biryani were sooo yum. The chicken korma's curry could've been a bit better. Must try.
Shalini Garg
Simply an awesome place... hi, me and friends wanted to eat some regional speciality and we came across gurgaon food awards and they have a category for best regional cuisine. Khyen Chyen is nominated there and thats how we came to know about this little gem hidden on the ground floor of cross point, phase 4. to figure out where it is was a bit hard, but zomato came to our...  rescue and guided us to this place. We are glad we came here, although we had to wait for 20 mins before we got our table, the rain made it worth a wait. on the waiters recommendation we tried something called as Kanti, it blowed me away, my friends did not like it as much as i did as it was pretty spicy and I love it that way. we had lahabdar kabab, rista and yakhi - perfect is the word, all flavours where different and all textures where again very different from our daily foods. over all, perfect place with a scope to grow big in terms of size. All the best and I will come here again for sure.   Read more >
Diptakirti Chaudhuri
Khyen Chyen is a welcome addition of Kashmiri cuisine in the Gurgaon food scene. All the traditional favourites are right there and you can order as per your group size. The Single portion serves 1-2 people, the Hungry serves about 4 and very hungry for a larger group. This is a good way for even small groups to sample many dishes. We tried Kanti and Tabak Maaz as starters... . The meat was succulent and the spice (in (Kanti) was perfect. In the main course, we had Goshtaba (where the gravy was fragrant with coriander) and Marchwangan Korma (which had a slightly tasty and incredibly tasty curry). Service was good and the right accompaniments were suggested. The only complaint is that the place is too small but I am guessing they will be needing a bigger place soon enough.   Read more >
Mohib Ebad
Really liked the ambience.Which compelled me to write about them. The decor and ambience is really set up beautifully. The staff and services are good.They try to suggest you dishes as per one's mood which is good and should be encouraged.The starters were delicious special mention to Tabak Maaz.However, in main course we orderd Goshtaba and Rista which did'nt meet our exp... ectations (maybe it was too bland for spice lovers like us :p) Even the quality of plain rice served wasnt a good one to which i complained but they informed that the basmati rice ran out of stock. Not sure whether to buy this as an excuse or not? Overall,it is worth visiting with family and freinds or guests from kashmir.   Read more >
Smita Singh
Great place for the kashmiri food lovers . Ordered Mutton Roll , Pander mutter , Mutton curry ( Names of the dishes are confusing & menu is not self explanatory ) so for your first visit please take help . I loved the kashmere Chai Kawa . Food has a perfect blend of spices . Great place to try the cuisine .
Ambalika Gandhi
After a lot of recommendations I finally visited this place. I had to take a friend who really wanted to have good 'Indian food Well I did not wanna go wrong so I chose the 'most recommended place' by my friends. Oh, they were so right. First of all I was happy to see that only one table was occupied, considering I don't like crowded places. It was a beautifully lit cute l... ittle place. The food was really good Ordered Goshtoba - creamy meatball with curry and rogan josh with lacha paratha. The food was beautifully served. Since our stomach was full we ordered only one firni For dessert. After a stroll outside we came back and ordered another firni since we couldn't get enough of it 🙈 The staff was super humble and friendly. Overall : Ambience - 4 Hospitality - 4.5 Food - 4 Price - 4 Quantity - 3.5 good experience Must have - firni   Read more >
Aman Khan
This small little place serves up some of the most mouth watering, authentic, kashmiri food. Your soul will crave more even as your stomach cries out from the stuffing. Even if you lack the company drop in for a quiet meal and you will love it.
Nusrat Andrabi
Do visit Khyen Chyen for delicious Kashmiri food . You will get many tastes Kashmiri non veg and veg Kashmiri cuisines at this restaurant .I recently visited and enjoyed the food cooked by Kashmiri Waza"s (chefs).
Cheshta Bhasin
Always wanted to try Kashmiri food. So went to Khyen Chyen with high hopes. and I wasn't disappointed at all. The staff  here was very  helpful. They provided us various recommendations and answered all our queries regarding the cuisine. Everything we ordered was well cooked and tasty.
Gaurav Chawla
i happened to visit this little gem located at the back of DLF crosspoint mall on the ground floor on my friend's recommendation and was surely in for a treat...its a small little restaurant with limited space...there are 4 tables and does gets congested...the interiors are decent and clean....one of the owners was outside interacting with the customers and the other was i... n the kitchen....when the owners are dedicated it does bring good results... the food is the real winner here...the seekh kebabs were brilliant with a very distinct kashmiri flavour...the gushtaba was delectable .... the gravy was light and flavourful...the meatballs were soft and the juiciest that i have eaten....the rogan josh was mildly spiced but was a little low on seasoning...the cut of meat was very different from what we normally have in the delhi cuisine...it was more bones and less meat...the meat was however quite tender.... overall a must visit place for a delectable and mouth watering kashmiri fare.. 06.04.15 the tabakh maaz is delectable.....the marchwangan korma was also brilliant   Read more >
I've a lot of my family from Kashmir so usually I would never go out to a Kashmiri cuisine joint in Delhi or Gurgaon. I went there as I had heard a lot. Ordered the mini wazwan for the two of us. Authentic, delicious and filling. They served it in typical Kashmiri style with every dish coming on top of the rice on your plate in short intervals. Ahmed was the person serving...  us and he was gracious and very warm. Thank you. Will be back   Read more >
Ordered stuffed seekh kebab and mutton roghan josh. Both were good, although I haven't had kashmiri cuisine before, but I liked their preparation. Mutton was properly cooked and the pieces were falling off the bone. Definitely going to order from here again.
Addy Singh
12 June 2016 visited here a few days back, they have shifted from a small place to a bigger place, nice decor very simple and traditional, good service, and very good food so far,  and fairly portioned and priced, but needs to work a lot on chutneys, overall a good visit. take care, best wishes and thanks
RK Geetha
Khyen Chyen-a dash of Kashmiri mirch masala to the hotpot millennium city Tucked at the back, on an unpretentious corner of Cross Point Mall in DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon is a little nook of a restaurant that serves Kashmiri food. With a sexagenarian chef specializing in tandoori dishes and a youthful owner who is the driving force behind this venture, Khyen Chyen meaning “foo... d and drinks” in Kashmiri belies its modest ambience with food that reflects not merely the flavours and aroma of the region but its culture as well. Any meal at Khyen Chyen starts with the ritual washing of hands with water poured out of a jug and collected in a basin at the table. This is necessary as Kashmiri food is best enjoyed eaten with hands. Tabakh Maaz and Kanti set the tone for the rest of the meal. The former, shallow fried mutton ribs, soft on the inside due to extended marinating, cooked until soft and then fried just before serving to give its dual texture was superb. Mutton Kanti another marinated mutton dish was redolent with suave Kashmiri spices and onion, capsicum, tomatoes. It is best had with Kashmiri naan, which was another revelation. Used to the usually heavy, chewy naan, I was pleasantly surprised at the airy and light texture of it. The velvety textured Goshtaba was rich in aroma and understated in flavours. The mutton mince, hand-pounded along with the spices lent a smooth and even texture to the meatballs soaking in a curd based curry. On the other hand, the mutton balls in the fiery looking, saffron flavoured Rista was suffused with warm notes and spicy flavours. Both went well with steamed Kashmiri Dum rice served in a bowl. Chicken Seekh Tuj was the Kashmiri version of the tikka of the heartland and was hearty in taste. The popular Mutton Rogan Josh, unlike the versions that abound in local restaurants was light and aromatic sweet. The lone vegetable dish Haakh had the super food kale cooked in its own juices and special herbs and spices and served as an able exponent of vegetables in a predominantly meat (mutton) based cuisine. Chicken versions of most dishes did feature on the menu but the bird does not rule the roost at Khyen Chyen. Vegetarians too may not despair as a decent list of vegetarian versions is also on offer. On both visits, enticing saffron Kehwa accompanied the meal. I have more than a few words on the Fireen that ended it. Made of semolina and infused with rose water, it was a perfect dessert for a perfect meal. On my second visit, the same dessert had a slight dry crust on it. I guess having been left in the fridge for a considerable period of time does this. If the dish could be left wrapped in cling wrap, perhaps this could be avoided. Staff was courteous, sincere and keen on feedback. On the first visit, owner was around. On the second one, no. That made no difference to the quality of service. Tip: Throw away the cutlery and eat with your hands if you visit Khyen Chyen. I did it on the second visit. Food tasted even better. PS. I ordered in food last night from Khyen Chen after having redacted the above review. The side dishes were delivered within the time frame promised but without the naans (Indian bread). The person who took my call did not sound surprised when I apprised him of the miss. My question is that if the restaurant knew that they had missed delivering something, they could have called to inform, apologise and have the missing dish sent across asap. Instead, they waited for me to call to acknowledge the slip. The missing naans reached me after another 45 minutes wait by which time we had finished our dinner with whatever was at home. A less than satisfactory experience as far as home delivery is concerned.   Read more >
Sudipa Ray Chaudhary (rc.sudipa@gmail.com)
Had my first ever experience of Kashmiri cuisine. It is surely worth trying but you need to acquire the taste to appreciate it. It surely tastes quite different from other North Indian kebabs and curries. Me and my fellow foodie buddy ordered Seekh Kebab, Seekh Tuj, Rishta, Gushtaba, Pulao, Plain Rice and Fireen. Really loved the unique tashtari provided as plate to eat. H... ands were washed at the table with water being poured from a unique copper kettle on a plate like arrangement. Don't know the appropriate terms of the utensils. Food taste as per my friend, who had already tried kashmiri food earlier, was too good. I liked the food but will maybe visit only occasionally, as I said you need to acquire the taste. I enjoyed my food. Every dish was flavorful. Pulao, fireen and the kebabs cost more than it should, compared to quantity given. We ordered the Only Me portion size, just to taste the maximum number of dishes. The accompanying onion, radish relish and green chutney were quite good too. All in all, worth a try!   Read more >
Mahfuza Noor
Our first visit to a Kashmiri restaurant went really well. Good location, amiable environment and friendly staff complements the delicious spread the place offers. We opted for Tabakh Maaz which has a very distinct taste and texture, Tandoori chicken was succulent and well prepared, Chicken Biryani with a vibrant color and aroma was very palatable. Taking everything into a... ccount this place made us quite happy and satisfied.   Read more >
Prashant Singh
Kashmiri food is always on my wishlist. My altime favourite dishes are Tabak Maaz and Rista. Khyen Chyen didn't disaapoint me at all. We were in a group of four. Khyen Chyen is a approximately a 25 seater place so it is suggested to reserve your table before going there. We got our sear easily as we went there on a weekday. To start our meal we ordered for Tabak Maaz, Kant... i and paneer tikka. Tabak maaz was good but Kanti was the winner amongst the starters. Perfectly cooked boneless chicken pieces marinated in right amount of spices with green chillies. Paneer tikka was not upto my expectations. Never mind. For main course we had Goshtaba, Rogan josh, Waza Kokur, Rista, Daniwal Korma and chicken Yakhni with Pulao. Goshtaba and Rista both are meat balls based dishes. The difference in the gravy, Goshtaba has a yogurt base gravy where as Rista has a spicy saffron gravy. Both were very delightful. But for the main course the winners were Waza Kokur and Dhaniwal Korma. For the desserts we had Fireen, a smolina based dessert with saffron and cardamom. Dont even think of missing it. Acted like a perfect ending. Dont miss to have Kashmiri Kehwa.   Read more >
Priyanka Singh
Kashmir is known as the "Paradise of beauty" because of the picturesque landscape and mesmerising glory of mother nature it has and now its food has also gained a level of appreciation in the foodies world. KHYEN CHYEN is one such name where one can relish real authentic Kashmiri WAZWAN (a multi course meal mostly included of meaty preparation ) which is located on the gro... und floor of  Cross Point mall, DLF Galleria, Gurgaon. It is a decent limited seating restaurant with max cover 12 having  interior and decor inspired by the Kashmiri culture. Chef Manzoor Ahmud, was the incharge of our evening who took the responsibility of our food journey.   We first started with ●Tabakh maaz, a must try item to start with. They are shallow fried mutton ribs rubbed in turmeric, cinnamon and saffron. They have crispy texture from outside and are tender from inside and are served dry.●Kanti, was next on our table where the small boneless  chicken pieces were marinated in the spices and prepared using green chilli, onions and tomatoes having very thick consistency. Definitely was good to relish.●Goshtaba, are actually lamb meat balls in yoghurt gravy. Indeed a very delectable delicacy where the lamb is beaten till it becomes gooey and then salt and fat are rubbed in it after which they are poached, imparting a spongy texture to it and then cooked in yoghurt gravy along with the spices. ●Rogan Josh, an extremely popular spicy  lamb curry preparation. Rogan is basically the fat in which it is cooked in and Josh means hot and compassionate. It is a combination of hot spices and the red colour derived from the maval, which is dried flower from the cockscomb plant. The meat is tender and succulent and the red colour of the gravy is a treat to the eyes and taste buds too.●Waza kokur, is a chicken based dish with saffron gravy where it is prepared using mild spices yet giving a very unique and flavourful taste. ●Rista, are the spongy meat balls pounded and simmered in spicy saffron gravy. They are comparatively smaller in size than the Goshtaba. Traditionally it is cooked by poaching the mince meat balls in turmeric infused water and then simmered in the gravy made of onion,green chilli and saffron. ●Chicken Yakhni, is an exotic  yoghurt based chicken curry dish flavoured with fennel,mint powder and herbs.This is a mild, subtle dish generally eaten with steamed rice. ●Daniwal korma, a definitely recommended chicken delicacy which is prepared in saffron curry and flavoured with fresh coriander. ●Pulav, needs a special mention because of its rich preparation where the long grain rice is cooked with saffron, dry fruits and special kashmiri onions. After enjoying all these must try and superb dishes we ended our journey with a sweet note, tried their dessert ●Fireen, which is a semolina based pudding infused with the flavour of saffron and cardamom and was extremely tasty. It is served cold and topped with dry fruits. Not to be missed at all. While we were thinking of bidding adieu the server insisted to us humbly to try their special Kashmiri hot tea known as ●Kehwa, which  is a sweet green tea  made by using saffron, cardamom and served with almonds. It tastes awesome even without adding sugar too. To conclude my experience on Kashmiri cuisine I must say that Mr. NASIR, has really done a great job by bringing the goodness of his place (Kashmir) through the cuisine in the hustle bustle of the metro city so that foodies like us can easily cherish the richness of the flavours without travelling miles. One thing which is highly commendable of this place is their warm and humble hospitality which wins your heart for sure. Kudos to the whole team of Khyen Chyen.   Read more >
Food Fetish
Looking for a late night dinner around Galleria, we landed here. Most of the places were closing down whereas Khyen Chyen was almost full at 11 pm! We were informed that they have recently moved (from the other corner of Cross Point to the parking entrance side) and were still setting things up. Nevertheless the ambience is cosy, and they have a knowledgeable, welcoming st... aff. This was the first time I tried Kashmiri cuisine (not including the omnipresent Kashmiri Pulao!), and being a vegetarian I was apprehensive, but this place made me a fan! Went here with a carnivore friend, and both of us enjoyed the food immensely. We ordered Hyeder Matar Tczaman (Paneer, Peas and Mushroom curry), Roti and Pudeena Paratha, and their chef's special dish called Kuch Bhi. The 'Kuch Bhi' is a surprise-me sorta dish, when you can't decide from the menu - just choose your options (veg/non-veg, which meat etc) and voila! there's something to look forward to! The dish served us was a Chicken Kofta-ish dish, which my friend adored. Every item of food was great, including the Pudina Parantha, and the accompanying chutneys (they had a yummy radish-yogurt one that is delightful). The flavors stood out, but came together in a melange of great taste. Don't miss out on their delicate Phirni (called Phireen)! I can't comment about the authenticity of the cuisine, as I don't have other reference points. But taste-wise we enjoyed every bit of our meal.  We got chatting with the owner who gave us details about the emphasis they place on freshness of ingredients and in preparation. Overall, a very pleasant experience. Must try if you are in the neighborhood. They do deliver as well.   Read more >
Shitanshu Bansal
"Khyen Chyen" means "Khana Peena", an apt word for the place. Located in the Cross Point Mall, a very small place with a sitting capacity of about 20 people this place gives the complete look of a Kashmiri place and great ambiance. The restaurant had bricks inside it along with wooden work and the Kashmiri music  added to it. We were greeted by their manager and he h... imself told us the meaning of "Khyen Chyen". Our hands were washed at our table only in "Tash & Naer" and it was very appealing. We then had 'Kokur Kanti' and 'Maaz Kanti' which tasted very good with the perfect blend of spices. We also ordered 'Tabakh Maaz' but the preparation was delayed(I have no complaints). Hats off to the hospitality of the restaurant, they served dishes in the mean time. We had 'Maaz Shami Kabab', 'Babri Byol' & 'Zafraan Qahwa' as complimentary dishes for the delay. When 'Tabakh Maaz' arrived, it tasted very delicious. In the end instead of "Lemon & Water" our hands were washed with "Tash & Naer" again which I liked. I would definitely go to this place again.   Read more >
Meenakshi (meenakshireviews@gmail.com)
Not quite a lot of people are aware of the fact that the food of Kashmir is as good as its picturesque beauty. But despite being such an outstanding cuisine, Kashmiri items still remain concealed from the mango people of this country. Located in Cross Point Mall, Khyen Chen is a restaurant that is certainly worthy of praises for doing a commendable job of making people awa... re of what Kashmiri delicacies are all about. A few days on a random visit to Cross Point, I spotted this place and decided to pop in. The ambience of the place was comforting and the interiors were also pleasant. Ordered the following items- Mutton Rogan Josh- Comes with saffron and mild spices. Tasted very good. Chicken Badam Korma- Cooked nicely in a creamy almond gravy to deliver a palatable taste. That was all that I had at Khyen Chen and I must say that I had fun trying out their authentic delicacies. Would love to give it another shot sometime in the future. FINAL RATINGS- FOOD- 4/5 SERVICE- 4/5 AMBIENCE AND DECORS- 3.5/5 VALUE FOR MONEY- 4/5 ON THE WHOLE- 4/5 stylishbite.com   Read more >
Kaushik Banerjee (wanderlust_kaushik)
For a authentic Kashmiri cuisine in Gurgaon, you have to visit khyen chyen. The owner is from kashmir itself, so he knows how take care of the guests by serving the best wazwan or tabakh maaz or zafran kokur! The restaurant is located on the back side of cross point mall in dlf phase 4. The kashmiri music playing inside and the decors will surely give you a small glimpse o... f paradise on earth. The service boys are polite. They will also suggest you what should you eat accompanied by which rice or bread. They will also help you to wash your hand in a craft work done copper kettle as per there cultural Heritage. Coming to food, all the items are awesome. You can easily differentiate kashmiri cuisine from mughlai gharana or awadhi cuisine as these all are made from dry spice and a different flavor was present in all the food. We had Tabak maaz which was crispy mutton ribs. Maaz seekh kabab was minced mutton served with a good portion. Food main dish, we had goshtaba mutton with batta (steamed rice). Goshtaba mutton is a dish prepared from meat ball cooked in mild spices. I can assure, you haven't taste anything like this meatball. It is totally different from what we used to eat (like meatballs in continental / german cuisine) Recommended. I will visit again to taste the wazwan platter next time! Food - 4 Service - 4 Ambience - 4 Value for money - 4 Follow me for awesome food and travel journey on Instagram :- wanderlust_kaushik instagram.com   Read more >
Yasmin Hussain
Brilliant service and Amazing authentic Kashmiri food. We ordered mutton seekh kebabs, mutton rogan josh and biryani, phireen for desserts. Loved everything. Dessert was outstanding. Looking forward to go there again soon. fork-it-up.weebly.com
This was my first foray into proper kashmiri food in a long while and while the food itself proved to be quite tasty and a welcome addition to what is usually available in the NCR, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Wanting to try as much as possible, I went for the mini-wazwan . That concept is great, you get to try 15 items on the menu plus a drink and a desser... t. However, the execution is pretty bad. Each of the dishes are poured onto the same pile of rice served at the outset. As a result, one is unable to distinguish the flavour of any one dish from the third dish onwards.  As of now, I have a vague notion that I may like the Aaloobukhara meat/chicken and the spicy mutton stew, but for all I know that could be only because the Pudina Rista gravy had been mixed in as well. The one dish I can vouch for, unequivocally, are the mutton ribs, delicious. P.S. It's 4 stars because we desparately need new cuisines to take a hold and this beats the pants of any new sandwich/pizza/burger/italian/thai/chindian joint   Read more >
Nishant Chauhan
I had this place bookmarked on Zomato when it opened as I was excited to see another speciality Kashmiri place open in Gurgaon. People who understand and appreciate Kashmiri cuisine (or for that matter any regional cuisine), would agree that there is no Kashmiri restaurant worth its name in Gurgaon. So a new entrant was most welcome. The name of of the restaurant is the fi... rst thing that strikes you as its "different". Those who are wondering, it means "Khaana - Peena" in Kashmiri. So an authentic Kashmiri name as a good start! I went there last night with a friend as we made an impromptu plan for dinner. I went through my bookmarks and decided to try out Kheyn Chyen, my friend didn't need any persuasion as he is as passionate about food and trusts my recommendations! Kheyn Cheyn is located in the Cross Point mall (opposite Galleria) and the only restaurant on the Ground Floor (next to the surface parking on the left). Its a small place with barely 20 covers but nicely done up.  We went by the owner, Nasir's recommendations and ordered Mutton Seekh Kebab and Mutton Kanti for starters. The seekh kebabs were alright, with slight variation to the standard north indian seekh kebabs. Loved the Kanti. It was awesome and almost a main course dish. We had to order couple of rotis to go with it. Also, the quantity (Hungry) is quite a bit so need to watch out for the portion size while ordering.  For the mains we settled for Marchwangan Korma (Mutton, of course) and wasn't disappointed. Its not too spicy, despite the red chillies. Goes very well with plain steamed rice. You may find the mutton cuts a bit different but Nasir explained that the dish is cooked with cuts from the joints. My friend has recently decided to focus on health and had a little bit of rice and one piece of the mutton, leaving the entire main course to me. I tried my best to polish it off. Succeeded with the mutton, gave up on the rice, as the quantity was way too much! In all, it was a great dining experience and I am so glad that an authentic Kashmiri restaurant has opened in Gurgaon. I will be eating there soon, and often. A special mention for Nasir, the owner. He is truly passionate about food, particularly Kashmiri food and has undertaken this enterprise to introduce the wonderful flavours of Kashmir to the people of Gurgaon. Apart from being passionate, he seems knowledgable and knows his stuff. He has got 6 wazwaan chefs from Kashmir in the kitchen. My advice to him is to stay true to his passion and the wazwaan and not to buckle under the pressure of people who want Khamiri roti with their rogan josh or who want extra gravy with the Rishta! Minor improvement suggestions: Get rid of the item numbers from the playing list. Kashmiri music will do just fine! Also availability of napkins, cutlery etc on the table will be appreciated! Wish you all the best and hope to you enjoy the wazwaan soon!   Read more >
Faisal H. Bhat
Being a Kashmiri, this place does serve a Kashmiri cuisine experience. Though not fully authentic but close to it. Little on the expensive side. Food's yummy and service brilliant!
Pritha Biswas Sahgal
Small place with lip smacking Tabakmaaz ! Haak saag and gushtava too were very good. Firni was also tasty with a nice flavor. Kahwa too was good . What was good was getting to eat and drink in tradional Kashmiri style. Small place but worth a visit if you are a fan of Kashmiri cuisine !
Some things really endear a place to me. One of them is on time delivery. The place promised delivery in 45 minutes. And the food was delivered on time and by the 42nd minute. The food itself - now I don't understand Kashmiri food too well, though I do understand food a bit. The Rista were globular, spongy, meaty meatballs of goodness. Will order and eat many times again. ... The other orders, machwangan korma and the mutton ribs, seemed a little too one-dimensional. The ribs will work great on a cold evening with whiskey though.   Read more >
Samson Noel
A wonderful place for authentic kashmiri food in Gurgaon. The food was nice. Being a small place helps make sure that the atmosphere and focus to serve customers is highly personalized. Nasir, who runs the place took care to explain the various kashmiri delicacies/wazwan while we waited for our food. Good work guys !
Prianka Sinha
Exceptional: the phirni. Delicious, sweetness was just right. There was something scattered on the top - not sure what it was, but it gave the dish a crunch Good: Kabargah (ribs - dry) - yummy and well made. The chutneys! Our food arrived with a green chutney (spicy and tangy), a radish chutney (unique, tasty but had the typical radish bite to it) and sliced onions steeped...  in vinegar and something else Decent: Goshtaba (meat balls in a whitish gravy) - Well made   Read more >
Nikhil Kumar
Closest to authentic Kashmiri cuisine. Tabak mass is a must try, in fact try everything on the menu. The flavours are rich. They also have a 24hours advance menu which I am yet to try! Services are extremely satisfying. Good food and good services are always a match. Perfect for a small group lunch or dinner. Large gathering not advisable, considering the space. ...    Read more >
This is a small place in cross point mall. Every restaurant in that mall is highly rated in zomato. This is mostly delivery restaurant. But had a couple of tables arranged for dine-outs. The food is extremely good. I've tasted their Mutton items and the pieces are neatly chosen and elegantly cut. Price is on the higher side. The ambiance is great and the service is quick a... nd prompt. Don't miss their starters.   Read more >
Went for lunch there today, being Kashmiris were sceptical but still went ahead and ordered the creme dishes gushtab, rista, Roghan josh , Haak , tabak maas. It was a feast. Everything was great. Highly recommended if you like Kashmiri cuisine. Hope they have more place and seating as that is the only thing they can improve on.
Anindita Mukherjee
I am not a big fan of Kashmiri food and have tried it at many renowned places in Delhi NCR. However this one is different as it changed my taste buds for Kashmiri food. I ordered gushtaba rista n rogan josh and each of the dishes were alluring my palate. They give huge quantity and is a must try place. Go for it !
Anwesha Mukherjee.
Chanced upon this place on Zomato as we wanted to try out some new cuisine. So this little hidden treasure serves Kashmiri food. Maintaining its traditional flavours and spices all the mutton preparations were awesome. Quite hospitable staff and good light music. A little firni as dessert was on the house. Would love to try it again
Good kashmiri food. I ordered chutneys and rista which tasted pretty good. They also gave me some halwa which wasn't bad either. For those who haven't tried kashmiri they should order ristas ,gushtaba,damallow,roganjosh,kemma and Kashmiri rajma. The walnut chutney was great too 👍👍
Ravendra Singh
The place is a tiny one but the food was authentic. Loved the service & attention they give you. I tried the Tabakh Maaz, seenkh kebabs, lababdar kebabs, pulao, & rajma. Everything was fab.
Sambit Dash
Went for an early dinner on a weeknight, but was surprised to see a couple of tables already seated. It's a small restaurant with 5 or 6 tables. Very good ambience where you can enjoy your food and a good conversation. Kashmiri music playing in the background, and very well mannered and friendly staff. They specially come and recommend eating with hands to enjoy the food b... est. For that itself, I would've given a high rating. The food is very good. We started off with the Seekh & Kanti followed by lahabdaar kabab, and finished it off with the Fireen.  Seekh was average, and honestly a little disappointing. It was a little dry and didn't have too much flavour. Kanti was fantastic, really spicy, Lahabdar Kabab was also very good and aromatic. Saffron kahwa was decent, but could've had some more spice. Fireen was probably the highlight. Sweet, but not too sweet, and deliciously textured. Overall, a must visit for Kashmiri food & a quiet simple ambience.   Read more >
Nikhil Chawla
It's a very small restaurant that can accommodate only 10 to 12 people at the time. The food which they serve is authentic kashmiri home food and not the commercial version. I have taste kashmiri food from different places and their version taste quite subtle in a good way. I don't recommend this place for vegetarians and do go by the servers recommendation and you will lo... ve this place . we ended our meal with their tea which was full of spices hmmlife.com   Read more >
Bimal Misri
We kashmiris are very fastidious about our food and even sound biased,at times, about our cuisine. So much so that many of my friends say that there are two types of foods in this world; Kashmiri food and other food. Now if you get it in the heart of Gurgaon in typical Kashmiri way then it is undoubtedly a blessing and thanks a million Khyen Cheyn for making it possible. W... e had a weekend Trami lunch last week and it was fabulous, authentic Kasmiri and served with that personal touch. I must compliment the chef for preparing such tasty, clean and authentic wazwan, the Kashmiri cuisine. I rate KC as the best Kashmiri food restaurant in Gurgaon. Keep it up KC. Rating:The best with ******* stars   Read more >
Nipun Aditya Chawla
We ordered Waza Kokur & Chicken Dariwal Korma with rice and breads yesterday for dinner. Waza Kokur was delicious and appropriately spicy, Dariwal Korma on the other hand, had slightly undercooked pieces of chicken. The taste of both the dishes were nice and had authentic kashmiri aroma. Overall I would recommend this place for occasional kashmiri food. ...    Read more >
Amit Kr Giri
Authentic to the core. I love the rogan josh and gostava. Tasted really awesome. Very strongly recommended for people who love Kasmiri food.
wonderful little place! Little is key word, because only have seating for around 10 people. but food is outstanding. gushtaba, rogan josh were truly wonderful. i've never traveled to kashmir, but i think the food will be similar to what they serve here. lip smacking and authentic.
Kaushik Prayaga
Am a bit confused about rating this place, of course the food is good in fact the mutton rocked (they are supposed to be expected at this), the recommendations by the guy at the counter was bang on. The portion size and pricing is so unlike the haute location they are in, the quaint decor and sheer calm devoid a music and crowd makes it a pleasant affair. This was the firs... t time. The sequel was an altogether opposite except the calm in the restaurant and the noise in my head. May be a one time wonder, may be not!!!   Read more >
Aneesh Sen
The most important aspect in regional cuisines is to maintain authenticity and Khyen Chen does just that!  A small place with eclectic decor - the owner has tried his best to incorporate facets of Kashmiri style in the decor, the place has a welcoming ambience. Though on the day that I visited, there was a cricket match - so there was less of a crowd. They also do ta... keaways and home delivery. Khyen Chen in Kashmiri means Food - Drinks - literally translated. The tabak maaz, goshtaba, mutton rogan josh and the local vegetable preparation are truly worth a try. They have smaller portion sizes for 'controlled ordering. Pricing is moderate and service is courteous.   Read more >
The word authentic is used very casually by restaurants serving kashmiri or any regional cuisine. Most of the times it ends up being anything but authentic. Not this place it's a small gem tucked into cross point mall. The food is absolutely fabulous. The yakhini, tabhak maas are a must try. I would say the best kasmiri joint in gurgaon if not the whole of NCR. The place h... as a small sitting area, but again the setting is quite cosy and it feels like you have walked into a kashmiri's house. Easy on the pocket all in all a must try. PS - vegeterians will find quite limited options, must try their phirni.   Read more >
Bulbul Gopalani
We were in the mood for something new and went to this place at our regular haunt- Cross Point Mall. We ordered chicken manti for starter and chicken waza kokur for main course.  The starter was very delicious and we loved it. The chicken kokur was ok types but that is only because Kashmiri food is very different from the regular Mughlai food. The gravies are blander...  and do not have the onions, tomatoes and spices of regular Punjabi food. Hubby ordered the kheer and he loved it. The kheer is very different from the usual.  We loved the chutneys they served on the table. Worth a visit if you like Kashmiri food. I would like to try the kehwa next time. bulsgonebonkers.co.in   Read more >
Achintya Kaul
Having heard of this place sometime back, I wanted to try the Kashmiri food served here to see if they really do offer the authentic Kashmiri cuisine which is pretty hard to find at restaurants in the city. And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food that I ate, I ordered for Tabakh Maas(Kashmiri mutton chops), the ristas and steamed rice and believe me, it d... oesn't get much better than this. Having eaten Kashmiri food all my life(I'm Kashmiri myself ), I can safely say that this place is right up there with the best. So guys if you're craving delicious, authentic Kashmiri food, khyen chyen is the place to go.   Read more >
Piyush Mishra
By far my favourite place in the area. Everything that I have tried here has been delicious and always keeps me coming back. I have come here multiple times a week with absolutely no shame :
Manpreet Singh
Had a great evening with good friends on a awesome saturday evening .... This time it was kashmiri cuisine & Kyen Chyren in southbpiint mall. The food was great with different aroma & spices. Must try if u want to taste something different...
Vinay Kumar
Appreciate the commitment towards customer satisfaction shown by Khyen Chyen! The chef got in touch (based on earlier negative review) and explained that a possible minor error (due to their current expansion-transition) might have resulted in not meeting the expectations.  An equivalent dish was delivered on the house which actually lived up to Khyen Chyen's name!! ...    Read more >
Santosh Dixit
Very nice place....gr8, ambience never forget to go out there. Service is very exelent and quicklly . I was never disappointed of there. My all exprience is memorable of there. Superb........!!!!!
Tapesh Khanna
Since I am a great lover of food and try to experiment with my platter each day possible, this place came as a pleasant surprise to me and to my taste buds.  Located in the middle of a jungle which we now know as Gurgaon, this place  deserves accolades for delighting us with the unique flavors of Kashmir. Since I had no knowledge of the menu, I took help from t... he waiters and they suggested me the Tabakh Maaz and the goshtaba (all non-veg) for myself which are quite popular out here. I really liked the way the mutton was cooked up. It felt so light in the mouth and I seriously enjoyed my meal. I see this place getting popular in the near future if they go with the food like this only!   Read more >
Amit Sikdar
I've been hearing about this place for a long time now. Finally, I think the hype is worth it. By the way, I've had better Kashmiri food at a Kashmiri friend's place earlier and I've been dreaming about it ever since. Khyen Chyen does a decent job trying to match authentic home-cooked Kashmiri food. The primary difference was in the quantity of oil used in cooking. The dis... hes actually look healthy. But I don't really care about all that stuff. What's a Rogan Josh without the Rogan. However, the flavours are intact. Dishes are bright, fragrant and flavourful. Loved the Tabak Maas. Yakhni and Rogan Josh were great. Goshtaba meatballs were out of the world succulent. Qahwa was fantastic too. With the dearth of authentic Kashmiri restaurants in Gurgaon, his one is definitely worth repeat visits.   Read more >
Gibron Makhdoomi
It's a nice little place at cross point mall.. The foods authentic..., staff is polite... Must have " tabakh maaz"" .. They r little bites of heaven .. Crunchy on top...juicy inside.. The " marchwangan korma" packs a punch .. Best eaten with plain rice Have yet to try the sweet side ?.... To be continued...
Tushar Negi
I was craving for some authentic kashmiri and I found this restaurant in the top 3 in my Zomato search. It's a small place but it offers everything that I was looking for and more. I ordered my regulars - rista and tabak maaz along with goshtaba. All these dishes were super delicious and exactly what I was craving for. I also tried 'kaanti' for the first time anf I must sa... y it was the beat part of my meal. Overall I'd give 5/5 to them for food quality. Their service was very courteous and friendly. Would definitely recommend this joint to everyone and would be their frequent customer. Good job guys.   Read more >
Maryam Rehanna
I am very fond of Kashmiri food being the reason I visited this little eatery called KHYEN CHYEN! The food served there is a feast for the eyes as well as the hungry stomach......... I really enjoyed my visit to KHYEN CHYEN! The food is served with warmth and the staff over there makes you feel comfortable, rather AT HOME! I would like to recommend this place to all my fri... ends and family! Looking forward to my next visit to this fabulous eatery!   Read more >
Satyam Gupta
Another good place housed in CrossPoint Mall. This little restaurant dishes out some of the better Kashmiri Dishes I've had in a while. The place is a small one with seating capacity of 12. The ambience is pretty vibrant. The menu has a good number of Kashmiri dishes. The portions are really good. The food was tasty and hit the correct notes. The mutton was cooked well. Yo... u can definitely try this place and won't regret it.   Read more >
Tanya Khanna
Good food at pocket friendly cost!! Dishes take a Lil while to come in bt it's worth the wait!! The dishes were serve in authentic kasmiri style and the server was courteous and humble enough to serve us complimentary kahwa considering we were a large group fr lunch :) hope it makes it n does not scumbble to anonymity like many other great outlets
Delhicious Food
I am not a big fan of Kashmiri food. However this one is different as it changed my taste buds for Kashmiri food. The non veg dishes, both starters and main course were superb.  I really liked the way the mutton was cooked up. It felt so light in the mouth and I seriously enjoyed my meal . Loved the ambience of this tiny place and that kashmiri music was lovely, howe... ver could not understand the lyrics. thanks for all the hospitality.   Read more >